Wednesday, December 23, 2015


We are one breath away from WW III if the USA ignores Russia, which Barak Obama likes to do.

Russian jets could escort Assad on Iran trip: reports

Paper says Moscow proposed sending jets to protect Syrian president and warned coalition against "getting close".


Russian warplanes began bombarding opposition targets in Syria on September 30 [Reuters]

Russia has proposed sending four fighter jets to escort the plane carrying Syrian President Bashar al-Assad when he makes a visit to the Iranian capital, regional media outlets have reported.

Al-Diyar, a Lebanese newspaper close to the regime of Assad, said on Monday that Moscow had alerted the US-led coalition not to "get close to Assad's plane in order to avoid an aerial battle".

It is expected that Assad's plane will fly to Iran through Iraqi airspace, al-Diyar reported.

Iran's official news agency, Fars, said on Friday that Assad was expected to visit Iran in late December or early January. Al-Diyar reported that the exact date would not be disclosed, citing Syrian intelligence sources.

The embattled president in October flew to Moscow for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in what was believed to be his first foreign trip since the start of an uprising against him in 2011.

Fars said on Sunday that the scheduled trip would come as the Syrian army secured victories against "terrorist groups". Tehran, an ally of Assad, adopts the Syrian regime's language and labels most opposition groups as terrorists.

Russian jets began bombing Syrian opposition targets in September.

Six reasons why India should join Russian
air strikes in Syria

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Russia warns US-led coalition not to get close to Assad’s
flight to Tehran
DEBKAfile December 22, 2015, 9:24 AM (IDT)

Four Russian warplanes will guard the aircraft carrying Syrian ruler Bashar Assad flying
to Tehran for a visit in late December or early January, Iran’s official news agency Fars
reported Tuesday. Moscow has warned the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State
“not to get close to Assad’s plane in order to avoid an aerial battle,” according to a
Lebanese newspaper closet to the Assad regime. On its way to Iran, Assad’s plane is
expected to fly over Iraq, where the US maintains a military presence.


The point is, this whole Middle Eastern theater of war making is coalescing into a
classic two sided confrontation. This is historic. The leaders of the world tend to
want two sides so that a war can be clearly delineated and be a lot more fun
and emotional. 

So, it would seem that Russia, that is, Putin, are up to the contest. Putin has been
aching for action ever since he was President his first term in office. He has a
massive grudge against the US leaders who trashed the USSR's whole industrial
base after Reagan and Gorbachev terminated the USSR.

It may be that Putin has found a way to secure absolute power in the Middle East.
If he convinced Assad to go into exile in Iran, the whole stated purpose of the US
in trashing Syria would be gone. Obama has harped on and  on about how Assad
must go.

On the other hand, Assad may be making a complete sale of Syria to Iran in the
hope that Syria can piggy back on the brash arrogance of Iran against the USA.
Iran has made a complete donkey of Obama with the nuclear treaty, and Iran
and Assad know who won that round. Assad might be shopping for Iran's help
in some permanent bilateral agreement.

The Bible has history left for Russia and Iran, but there is nothing in the Bible
 about the USA having any future destiny. The prospects are grim for the USA.

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