Monday, October 31, 2016


This is an amazing discussion which states that the present hate raging by Washington DC against Russia is not geopolitical or an international political contest brewing. The whole reason why Liberals in the USA hate Russia is because Russia is becoming very spiritual, Christian, and nationalistic.

These three a aspects of Russian national life are diametrically opposed to the ongoing Christ hating Globalist doctrine espoused by Liberal Progressives in the USA.

It is startling that we have to go to a lady in Denmark to get this straight. I believe she has nailed the thing spot on.

Iben Thranholm is a broadcast host at the Danish Broadcasting Company.

So, Bible believers need to start thinking about what they will do when the USA becomes the old Soviet Union. Already, politically correct pressure is squeezing the Gospel and Christian life practices off the street and the town square. God is totally anathema in the public schools. There is virtual hate for Christians in many quarters.

I have received reports on Hillary Clinton's ventures into 150 nations of the world as Secretary of State. Whenever she was in any nation which had Christian values of morality, she attacked them for their restrictions on public sodomite activities. This alone shows the hate Hillary has for Christianity. All moral codes are being attacked. We now even have President Obama trying to force woman to defecate with transsexuals. It WILL get worse, and Republicans are all too often right on the heels of the Liberals in their lust to slap down Jesus.

Will you clam up and go timid and silent?

The only solution I can see is for American Christians to become, NOT PATRIOTIC, but very very public with their Christian zeal. If we let the mob of Atheist rulers on high hammer us into silence, we will eventually be hanging on the wire inside the Gulag wondering what happened.

The enemy is NOT Putin. The enemy is the House, Senate, Oval Office, Supreme Court, and most local government officials around America. They have not won the battle..... yet. It is time to go public with your faith.

Finally, I warn you again..... Patriotism is NOT of any use now. Many patriotic people in America hate Jesus Christ and the Bible. It is now patriotic to wave the flag and be a faggot. Stop mixing your patriotism with the Bible. This will only become a trap used to find you guilty of some alleged offense. 

I have a suggestion: Please send the link to this blog of mine, or to the video itself, to your pastor. Ask him later what he thought of it. If he mocks and belittles the information, change churches. You must not waste your life on this earth under the influence of a wimpy pastor. 

During the era of the USSR the Baptists learned the hard way that those Christians who became timid and subservient to the Marxist system became slimy spiritual simpletons with no testimony for Christ. Those who kept their zeal up for Christ fared better. 


Iben Thronholm is a savvy and tough lady on the topic of European men. American men are also becoming woman.