Monday, October 24, 2016


This guy is an Atheist, and I believe a Libertarian, but his mind sure works a lot better than the hosts of talking heads and politicians on high.

You must stay with him at least until he explains what is going on in the Middle East. Jesse is spot on as to the "blow back" principle from colonial times long ago. I have studied this extensively, and he is 100% correct.

The US diplomatic corp do NOT understand the Middle East anymore. The last diplomat who did was April Glospy who was Ambassador to Iraq. Since then, we have had mental midgets making our policies on the Middle East. 

And now, we have Hillary Clinton poised to carpet bomb the Middle east and start World War III trying to make the Middle East part of the American empire. Putin now owns the Middle East about 75%, and he will bet Russia's very existence on keeping it.

The Bible makes is VERY CLEAR that the USA will not be the next ruler of the Middle East, so if Hillary wins the election Russia will destroy the USA and take charge exactly as Ezekiel 38 indicates.

Listen up.....

We can also assume that God may enter at any moment and trash the USA using some natural disaster which dumps America on over the edge for good.


It is always assumed that the USA could easily win an all out war with Russia. The problem with this claim is that Russia and the US have all sorts of weapons they are not talking about, and Russia is now at parity in weapons the parties DO talk about.

Also, there is a principle in war that predicts that the one who takes the high ground owns the war. Russia is now parking its most powerful weapons on the doorstep of the Middle East and the Syrian acre. This means they get to call the shots and set the battle in array.

Finally, the US has masses of old nukes and weapons which are cited as big tough stuff when the statistics are tossed about. Russia has all new hardware, and this is most likely why the Pentagon and NATO are wetting their pants over the Russian fleet steaming through Gibraltar. 

The US has wimps and pimps back peddling in a panic. Our Commander in Chief is a bandy legged pansy, and the Pentagon has been redesigned to be dominated by Wiener selfies and faggots. 

We are in trouble.....