Saturday, October 1, 2016



So, how do we defend ourselves against this sort of thing?

I guarantee you, the police, the Mullah in the Oval Office, and Homeland Security will never find these people and stop them before they kill.

This is now the result of the leader of the Islamic Brotherhood, Barak Obama, bringing ISIS terrorists into the USA. These animal pests of Allah will eagerly kill themselves in the act of killing you. It will become totally random, and the victim will have done nothing to earn the glorious privilege of being killed in the name of Allah.

Thus, any way in which a Muslim with a bad attitude can be identified and neutralized is useful in this war for the survival of America. 

I have warned you before, and I warn you pastors again..... Your church will soon be targeted by Islamic suicide bombers and terrorists with guns. Are you ready?


The question arises, how can we identify a Muslim who has the intention or potential to do us harm in the name of Allah?

The answer is, mouth off. In a pleasant way, when conversing with a Muslim, make a comment that is politically incorrect but not hateful toward the person in front of you.

Such as......

"I understand that Mohammed had more to say about Jihad than any other subject in the Hadith." (The Hidith are between 4000 and 7000 sayings of Mohammed which are well known to all Muslims.)

"Islamic leaders in the Middle East and in Mecca have made it clear they want to massacre all the Christians in the world."

"Islam is a religion of hate."

"I understand from Al Jazeera that over 600 Muslims an hour are leaving Islam. Is that true?" (This is the truth, not conjecture.)

You might want to then ask the Muslim why he thinks Muslims leave Islam.

What you want to do is trigger a response in the person in front of you. If they become agitated, they are dangerous. If they politely try to modify what you said or soften the force of it, you are probably safe. If they raise their voice and rage, you are looking at a terrorist. Let them know you defend yourself against Muslims.

When a Muslim tells you, "I am a secular Muslim," do not believe it. If Islam becomes powerful enough some day, that "secular" Muslim will become a rabid killer of Christians. He is giving you a line he has been coached to use on us Americans to placate us.

The biggest sucker in the world is the one who believes that all his Muslim friends are civilized.

May I put this more bluntly?

As far as EVERY Muslim on earth is concerned, you are dead meat, Christian. You deserve nothing by death, and your wife should be flattered to be raped by a Muslim. When your son is castrated by Obama's terrorists, your son needs to learn to praise Allah that his balls were sacrificed to Islamic sacred rage.

For the record, with any Muslim who is a TRULY born again Christian, all of the above is turned upside down. A truly born again Muslim is a very good friend to have. They KNOW why they are a Christian, and, chances are, you do not.