Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I sent an observation to my US History teaching friend, as follows:
The hate for America in high places is extremely troubling. I have to wonder where these Progressive Liberals think their hate will take them. If they win the game, they will be the ones a classic dictator would kill first. These Liberals will one day realize they were double crossed by the world elite, and they will rebel and turn on the Hillary type mob. This will result in them all being shipped to some Gulag to rot to death.

The remarks were in the context of this older item online:

US History teacher's answer:
I have always thought that the progressives believe that they can adopt the best of European socialism and combine it with the best of American capitalism. For an example they believe that government healthcare is inexpensive (because they take the profit out of it) while maintaining the quality. They do not see the pitfalls of the Post Office model they are chasing. 
I do not see any reasonable path to victory for Trump any more. Hillary has never fallen behind and I think there is a hidden vote of 3% to 5% for her. There are Dems who see the real Hillary and will not publicly align with her. They will hold their noses and vote for Hillary because they like her give-away programs.
A major health episode late in October is the only thing that will derail Hillary; but don't count on it. 
I believe Hillary will face an economic crisis after taking office when the Fed starts to charge interest. The zero interest economic policy has hurt savers and people with small or no mortgages. It has helped wealthy stock market investors. When Janet Yellen starts doing her job, the bubble will burst and a long delayed adjustment will take place. This will hurt the everyday guy. If it's painful enough, the liberal voters will turn on the progressives. 
If the Progressives were smart they would undermine Hillary at the ballot box and let Trump take the economic hit. 
They would be set for 2020 and 2024.

So, you can see that Trump will probably lose the election. Conservatives will panic, and all the war lords (such as Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones) will go on the offensive, trashing Hillary. All conservatives will be watching her like a hawk. This is not all bad. 

Conservatives go totally and mentally limp when a Republican is in office, and what we get is the Patriot Act from George S. Bush which virtually destroys he US Constitution.

If this information destroys your peace, then start praying, and ask God to take Hillary out before the election.