Monday, October 3, 2016



Russia will be moving 40 million of its total population into nuclear bomb proof bunkers during October 4 through 7. 200,000 rescue units will be participating.


Either Russian expects a nuclear attack, and that could only come from the USA. Or, Russia is going to start a nuclear war themselves.

The magnitude of this "exercise" is far beyond any historic "exercise" or "drill" in the past for any nation. The numbers imply that Russia is preparing for the real thing.

Exactly what is coming is impossible to conclude. But, America is not prepared. All Civil Defense preparation, something I can remember from my childhood, is GONE. CD centers have no fresh food or drinking water. US leaders do not believe that anyone would dare to attack the Big Bully.

Homeland Security is doing nothing but trying to make we the people into "potential terrorists." Yours truly has been thus marked by Janet Napolitano because I am a Vietnam Vet and I study Bible prophecy. This waste of tax money only prepares America for nuclear war if I have the nukes. If Russia starts pushing all their red buttons, the scum at Homeland Security will run like rats from a burning ship. They will be ringing your door bell begging for a sandwich.

You need to read the following article. You need to beat down your emotions please. This is a great time for you to THINK. How could you survive if nuclear war is near?

Be sure to check the Russian sources links at the bottom of the article. This is not some panic monger article. It is real.

Now, go to my articles on EMP attacks by nuclear weapons and by the sun.

You cannot find many sites online which have everything I have posted on this subject.

You may wonder why Putin is preparing to start nuclear war over Syria. It is because the US double crossed Putin massively. We agreed to fight jointly with Russia to eliminate ISIS. Then, during the height of the battle to destroy ISIS in Aleppo, Syria, the US, Israel, and Turkey sent Military officers to Aleppo on the sly to assist ISIS in defending themselves against Russia.

I do not know of any double cross by the US in my lifetime more sinister than this. Putin took it personally. He blew up the headquarters where the three nations' officers were, and then he bragged that he did it. He did not claim it was an accident, the usual alibi used by the US or Russia when they shoot at each other. 

The 40 Million Russians into bunkers comes less than a week after the great double cross. Also, Putin has ALL his strategic nukes on red alert NOW.


The Bible makes NO mention of the USA in End Times prophecy. The US is totally out of the picture when Russia comes south against Israel. Russia is very active and viable militarily in the End Times, so I conclude that if the US and Russia get into nuclear war, the US will lose and go into oblivion. This is according to the literal use of the King James Bible. If you are not a born again Bible believer this will sound silly to you.

So, at least talk to your worthless self, and try to convince yourself to not jerk around and look when the world around you doubles in brightness. If you look at the light blast, you will be permanently blinded. Next, try to get up wind from the blast. If you cannot, shut yourself in your home and shut all windows and doors. NO VENTILATION. Stay there for at least 12 days, or until a serious rain storm.

Do not forget those two North Korean "weather satellites" flying in a north to south orbit over the center of the USA. They just could be EMP nukes. This whole thing could turn into a feeding frenzy by Russia, North Korea, and China to see who can destroy the USA, especially Washington DC.

I am now convinced that China can get along without the US market place. The rest of the world would keep them afloat after a brief reset.

UPDATE 10/04/2016 Tuesday

BREAKING: U.S. Scrambles 3 Nuclear Command-And-Control "E6B" Aircraft -- No "Drills" Scheduled according to US STRATCOM 

MORE: P-8 Anti-Submarine Planes Scrambled out of Jacksonville!

Something is happening. The spokesmen claim this is not a drill, but they will not tell anyone what it really is. 

The most significant thing missing is the usual tit for tat announcement. The US usually complains to the Russians because Putin flew too close to our ship or borders. The Russians then explain or apologize etc. These actions by Russia and the US are being done in the dark. No one is explaining. No one is complaining.

This looks very much like a response to the Russian alleged "exercise" putting 40 million Russians into bunkers and preparing for nuclear war.

The fact that they US media will not cover these events is now becoming terrifying. It really does look like we are about to be nuked, and the US is not ready. The toys they scrambled are dated from 1998 and earlier. 

We are in trouble. Our Military has become so specialized in killing Arabs that they seem to have forgotten that there are bigger fish in the sea, and some of them bite back.

UPDATE 10/05/2016- Wednesday

I asked my contact who fought with the IDF and understands Israel well what he makes of all this recent rush to nukes. He madethe following observations:

Headlines this morning:  Russia is deploying an advanced antiaircraft system in Syria.  Washington and London are alarmed by Russian nuclear exercise.  2/3 of Americans believe God accepts the worship of all religions.  Russia is hoarding gold at an alarming pace. 
One thing we know for sure is that the US won't be willing and/or able to stop the EZ 38 invasion.  There'll be an important reason for that but we don't know what it is yet.  Probably the US will be beaten and/or chased out of the Middle East.  I'd say God would Rapture us before a nuclear war with Russia, or there wouldn't be many left to rapture.  Israel is starting to suck everything in like a vacuum.  But if the US isn't there at the time of the EZ 38 invasion, then I don't know how it can be at Armageddon later on. 
Like I wrote last, it doesn't appear that there's any way for the intensity to lesson which could make this run-up not the prophecy of wars and rumors of war.  Compared to nuclear wars, the wars of the past were stick fights.  Tactical nuclear weapons will be used on the battlefield for the first time, which will turn huge geographic areas into war zones.  When combatants lose their capital cities to nuke strikes, and most of their command and control and government is destroyed, the level of chaos will be unimaginable.  
Armies might have to regard themselves as autonomous entities fighting only for their own survival.  The idea of surrender or of taking prisoners would be moot.  Civilians would most likely be viewed as slaves for the taking. 
To answer your question directly, I don't know what to think is going on.  I think the Rapture will need to take place soon in order for Prophecy to roll along.  The dam has to break soon.  

So, are you ready to go when the call comes, "Come up hither"? Have you given the Gospel to those people you really care about. Or, are you praying hard and saying nothing? The next few weeks could be your last chance.


US Military told to prepare for nuclear war in Syria

Russian state media warns Russians of coming nuke war

UPDATE 10/06/2016- Thursday

President Putin is now threatening to shoot down any US planes, drones, or missiles flying over Syria. This is the step just shy of actually declaring war officially.

The issue now is, in the light of Isaiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus, will Obama order a large nuclear bomb or missile dropped on Damascus? This would very likely get past the Russians,  and it would end the empire of bully power worldwide of the USA. 

This would be a very exciting moment for a Bible believer because it would signal epic prophetic events are up and rolling. The US Military would have to tuck its tail between its faggot legs and trundle back to the USA to eat humble pie. This would make the USA the only nation to nuke world class cities in all of history. The world would HATE America.


Please understand, the Russians have, whether on purpose or by default, come into the enviable position of being the under dogs. The world has to see Russia as trying to fight WITH the USA against ISIS, being betrayed, and finally now being on the bull's eye for attack by Obama and his thugs.

Here is the video of the Russian General's remarks:

Having said the above, I must point out that Israel may be the one to drop the bomb on Damascus. In this case, Putin would have an excuse to invade Israel and fulfill Ezekiel 38. The only mystery in this scenario is, why would the US stay out of the Russian invasion? So, we may see something momentarily change life in the USA, making the US unable to participate in anything other than survival. Of course, that could be an EMP nuke by Putin over Omaha.

Also, today, someone placed a large poster of Putin, "PEACEMAKER", on the Manhattan Bridge. This is a symptom of another anomaly that plagues the US elite, that is, many Americans see Putin as a peace maker. The see the President and Pentagon as thugs and goons intent on making chaos of the world and war perpetually. This is serious stuff, and it could play into the hands of Donald Trump.

You may want to bookmark this blog post. I intend to keel updating it as the events progress.