Friday, January 6, 2017


Whether or not Queen Elizabeth has a personal relationship with Almighty God or not, God did step in and save her from being eliminated.

The Queen learned something important. Do not go wandering about at Buckingham Palace at night. You might get shot for being a threat to Her Majesty.

I like her reaction though. Very cool and droll.

I am reminded of a man who was not so well controlled.

General Curtis LaMay was off the military base with his driver. They were returning to the base, and they came to the usual guard house. The pick up truck flew though the guard house point without stopping. The guard rushed out, and thinking this could be an attack, he put a bullet through the back window of the pick up truck.

The truck stopped and returned to the guard house. General LaMay got out, walked up the the guard, and he tore the guard's stripes off of his sleeve. He then said, "That is for missing."

This is the sort of animal in the US Military which makes many of us tremble. This sort of leader is the kind which starts wars in rage and gets millions killed.

Fortunately for the guard at Buckingham Palace, the Queen at once saw that she was the cause of the problem.