Friday, January 13, 2017


Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz will be relieved of command of the Washington DC National Guard. This will become effective at 12:00 noon on January 20, 2017, inauguration day. Schwartz claims he has no idea why this was done.

President George W Bush appointed General Sshwartz to command, so President Trump will be adding the General to the list of diplomats he is removing from their posts. All US Ambassadors will also be terminated at noon on January 20.

There is no certain way to surmise why Trump is firing the General. What comes to mind is that the DC National Guard is in charge of protecting the President and the US Government. They have total control of the air space over Washington DC, and they can be called out for any riots of crowd issues. We must wonder if Trump senses some lack of zeal in the General due to his loyalty to President Obama. 


If Obama has plans to disrupt the inauguration or declare himself eternal President, he would most certainly need Military support, and General Schwartz would be the most likely one to help him. This is because the Commander of the DC Guard reports exclusively to President Obama and could defy the Command in the Pentagon. This is not meant to imply that the General is disloyal to his oath as a soldier, but strange things are being suggested by President Trump's enemies.

President Obama appointed General Schwartz as a Member, Board of Visitors to the United States Military Academy in 2011. The General was also being assigned to arrange international cooperation with other nations. This may have been seen as too cozy to the State Department by Trump's transition team. 

In any case, General Schwartz is not supposed to discuss anything with the press, which he did. His comments tend to make him a bit of a martyr, and that indicates Trump may be spot on to fire the man. He may have been heard making political comments during the campaign. In any case, given the fact that a Republican President appointed General Schwartz to his command, it must be assumed that Schwartz is a victim of draining the swamp. Otherwise, Trump might well have left him in place.

Most likely, Schwartz will retire at this point. It is also uncertain if there are other Military command changes taking place on January 20.

One serious issue Trump has is that at noon on January 20 the DC National Guard will have to come under new command. This could be the next in command, or Trump could appoint an officer to replace Schwartz. 

Michael Savage claims that President Obama is the one who fired General Schwartz in order to create chaos in Washington DC on inauguration day. This would insure that the planned riots by friends of George Soros would have the city to themselves if the DC National Guard actually stood down. This sounds crazy of course, but then, it also sounds like the Obama we know who has trashed America with run away immigration, racism, race riots, Jihad, and cop killings.

If Obama fired the General, then we should hear something from Trump on this. Also, you can assume that the US Military may well be put on alert by Trump's Military appointees to take charge in the event that Obama is trying to create total chaos.

Finally, there is straw in the wind. Something is going down, and we may never know what happened. Then again, if the National Guard stand down on inauguration day, you know this was a trick done by President Obama.

These people suggest that Obama is the one who fired General Schwartz. I read elsewhere that the orders for Schwartz to terminate came from the Pentagon, not Trump. I now believe that this has been done by President Obama to destroy America. Pray for Donald Trump. There will most certainly be an assassination attempt on him. Powerful people hate him intensely because he is set to trash their grip on power. He will have only minutes to take command and restore order in Washington DC, and at the same time, stay alive.


Trump's people wanted to keep General Schwartz on for continuity, but the Pentagon pushed for his dismissal. This is really stupid to do this midday during the inauguration. Trump should have slapped down the Pentagon and kept the General on for a while. The inauguration would have been his swan song and ended his career with much more dignity.

Whatever the General's faults, I say that Trump messed this one up, and it may come home to haunt him later. This is where Trump is weak. He has never served in the US Military, and he will blunder again I fear. Trump seems to have no feeling for the men a military man commands. They may well love the man, and they know they go to guard Trump on the 20th and come back to the barracks to a new commander. Trump will have no friends in the DC National Guard I fear.

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