Monday, January 30, 2017


Ask anyone in my family. Long ago, I said that the only way to deal with the regulation monster in the US Government would be to kill at least two regulations for every new one. I will not claim that President Trump got this idea from me. I WILL say though that this makes very good sense.

Any Democrat that whines about this Executive Order should be scheduled for destruction in his next term election. 

Government regulations make trouble for ALL Americans except those lard balls sitting in offices in some huge gray building in Washington DC with nothing to do. So, they start the wheels moving for another regulation to justify their worthless existence.

For you who think I am overstating this, go out in your garage and count the number of labels on that aluminum ladder of yours. My last count was 21. Half of them are Government mandated. 

The other half are to protect themselves from litigation against the company for the dumb things ladder users did to themselves with a ladder and sued the company that made it.

That should be another order from Trump..... limited litigation laws. Make the plaintiff pay for court and defense costs if he loses, like in Texas. If you are litigation happy, DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS.

So, we at Balaam's Ass Speaks Blog site salute The Donald.