Friday, January 13, 2017


I keep getting this telemarketing call about once a week. "You have been approved for a small business loan of up to $250,000." They go on to tell me I do not have to qualify, and my credit score is not considered.

What a deal. I am retired in Texas. I tune about twenty pianos a year to help add to Social Security, and we are living very modestly by the grace of God. But, at 74 years old they trust me to take $250,000 Dollars and pay it back before I die?????

So, who is the sucker here?

I also got a very personal letter from Chase Bank telling me I have been pre-approved for some windfall or other. Sears, Khols, Blair, and every other selling machine on the web tells me I am pre-approved or very specially chosen. I am one of the lucky elect of the capitalist kingdom. These things keep coming and coming.

I will now tell you what the commercial world believes about YOU. 


This is the only explanation for the insane tricks they pull. And, our politicians believe the same thing about us all. Their campaign lies and TV commercials tell us that they believe we are gullible slobs.

Maybe we should fight back. Call the next company which tells you that you are pre-approved for something, and tell them what you think of their lies. Ask for a supervisor because the call center employee will simply hang up on you if you complain.

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This is priceless.......... Scammer wants to lower the man's interest rate:

See if you can ruin a telemarketer's day.