Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This is terrifying. Nothing screams "THIRD WORLD" louder than two spy agencies going to war, and I mean literal gun battles.

Something is going to pieced within the US Government. Will the next CIA trick be assassination of Obama or Trump?

This video tells us that the NSA has made contact with Trump, and they are sending intelligence around the world and possibly to Wikileaks. THIS IS A COUP IF IT IS TRUE.


Interpretation: Trump is being toyed with to make a fool of him. This is also being done because the case against the Russians is falling apart. I personally suspect that NSA was sharing their own findings on the Russian hacking False News propaganda, and Obama asked the CIA to destroy evidence at NSA. This could eventually be the final nail in Obama's coffin. His legacy would then be that of an amateur thug from Chicago who regularly steps on his tongue.

It is also possible that Obama is planning to trash the USA, possibly engaging Russia in combat situations so that Trump inherits an ongoing war with Russia. Obama needs some spy agency to stop the NSA from following him via electronic tails and reporting his plans to interested parties.

This gives us hope that someone is on our side in trying to keep the peace in the USA.

If I am right, then we can expect Obama to try to wipe out the NSA, probably with a missile attack, and he will use this to stop NSA spying on him, while he can then blame Russia for attacking American and the NSA. The problem is, NSA is in several places, so this would be quite a trick to pull off.

We also may soon see the Pentagon refuse to implement the strategies of Obama.

CAVEAT: I clearly admit that my speculations are just that. I have no inside secret on this. 

The CIA versus NSA battle DOES indicate that a coup is in progress. The exact size and players are still not clear, but something is shaking out. Maybe this will result in Washington DC becoming a laughing stock of the world. This would send the American dream back to state capitals and legislatures, which would be great.

Personally, I am delighted to see the CIA do something so utterly stupid. We hate NSA, but we may soon learn that they are the entity who is on our side. It just may be that NSA has stopped a False Flag vastly larger than 9/11.

I also note that the CIA is not the deadly enemy we have come to believe. They could not hold their own in a shoot out. 



Here is the take of our correspondent on the ongoing coup in US Intelligence:

I believe you spotted all the pieces of a coup, and here it is. 
Obama and his minions have launched a permanent coup against Trump in the only effeminate, light-footed, limp-wristed way that they can. They think their lie about Russia affecting the election is a big deal that should be taken seriously, but Trump regards them as the band of hysterical faggots they are.  
 As you know, faggots are truly insane basket cases who enjoy body odor and revenge and excrement and fits of rage. Podesta was just exposed as a genuine Satan worshiper. 
That's the ongoing coup, in my opinion. Many of this type find their way into the bureaucracy of national and certain state governments. This phenomenon now includes our armed services and intelligence agencies.  
If two men bed down together, the last thing they care about is the security of their country.

Proverbs 28:15 As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people.

Proverbs 28:28 When the wicked rise, men hide themselves: but when they perish, the righteous increase.

Pray for the perishing of the wicked in America.