Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I just got a letter in the mail from SAN ANTONIO FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. They told me that they are changing their name to CREDIT HUMAN FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.

I am not making this up. Call them, and they will confirm this. 

The reason for this is that they are going national, and somehow they felt self-conscious about SAFCU. But, the word "HUMAN" in the new name..... what on earth does this mean?

I called just out of curiosity, and the lady told me something about wanting people to know the Credit Union cares about people. I suspect this is some politically correct nonsense hatched by the board of directors who must have had a Hillary Liberal involved.

Furthermore, what if they put a branch in Boston or Miami? The name San Antonio will tell people in those cities that this credit union is BIG. Beside, the Southwest hubris should be a hit with some people. Can you imagine WELLS FARGO becoming WELLS HUMAN FARGO?

Perhaps a new trend is in the works. How about HUMAN LOWES?

And, there would be HOME HUMAN DEPOT.

Maybe we could see INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF HUMAN PANCAKES. That might work better in the Congo though.

Then again, H&R HUMAN BLOCK

Ronald would like McHUMAN DONALD'S.

The thing about this is that it is very discriminatory. My American Bull dog, Roxie, will not be able to get a loan because only humans are welcome. 

I told the lady on the phone that Roxie was very insulted, and she wants me to take her to San Antonio so she can make a complaint and leave those people a couple of fleas to torment them.

Political correctness is getting out of hands, folks.