Monday, February 27, 2017


This is priceless. Vovan and Lexus strike again. One of the two famous Russian hackers, convinced Maxine Waters that he was the President of Ukraine.

He then convinced Waters that Vladimir Putin had hacked the elections in Limpopo, the northern most province in South Africa. She sucked up the story, and then the Russian convinced her that Putin had invaded Gabon, a nation on the west coast of Africa.

For handling this rather delicate diplomatic exchange so well, and for making American politicians look brilliant and well informed, Balaam's Ass Speaks Blog wishes to award the Dead Skunk Award to Maxine Waters. May she continue to conduct herself in such high form and with such informed understanding of international affairs.

FOR THE RECORD, REPUBLICANS COME INTO THIS CLUB JUST AS GULLIBLY AS DEMOCRATS. Vovan and Lexus hit John McCain the day before they hit Maxine Waters. This is beyond imagination. 

McCain borders on traitorous as he reveals inside information. McCain has a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth.

We owe a word of thanks to Vovan and Lexus. These boys are doing just as much to get the truth out as Wikileaks and Snowdon.