Sunday, February 4, 2018


This college professor is clearly a Democrat, but he is an old fashioned one who actually loves America. He is telling the truth here, based on similar stories I have heard. What you were taught in your conservative school education was just as much lies as what the modern Liberals teach the kids today.

Thus, whether or not you like it, here is the truth.


Russian leaders, both of the former USSR, and today under the rule of Vladimir Putin, have never gotten over the way America marginalized the sacrifice they made in stopping the Nazis. Twenty seven million Russian soldiers died defending Russia, and American Presidents to this day totally ignore that fact.

The video shows that Russia will not be conquered by invasion, and John McCain and Lindsey Williams need to understand this as the agitate to start war with Russia. If the US attacks Russia, the USA will be destroyed and will die as a nation.

Correction: We did have one President who honored the 27 million Russians who died in WWII. John Kennedy, a Democrat, spoke of the 27 million and saw them as heroes. 

What we learn from all of this is that BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS today are blind guides who lie and mock at the nations of the world as if they are all inferior to us. The USA is exalted as the only hope to save the world, and we have had non-stop war since WWII as we trash nation after nation. We are the most blood thirsty empire on earth since the Roman Empire.

So, what does all of this mean to a Bible believer?

John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

When a born again Christian blindly cheers for the USA to bash the world and destroy nations, while killing innocent women and children by the thousands, this is just as wicked as those Christ haters who defend abortion. Do you imagine God looks the other way when US troops blow up a wedding in Iraq? 

Did God not notice when Henry Kissinger financed the Marxist coup of Ethiopia in 1974? US Ambassador Adair, the American ambassador to Ethiopia, sat and wept bitterly with a friend of mind because America arranged the slaughter of our best friend in Africa, Emperor Heile Salassie.

It is time for Bible believers in America to stop being propaganda agents for the New World Order, and I am talking about the Republican party and Conservative American war lords.

And, when you preachers wrap the Bible in the American flag and mix it all up from your pulpits, you have become cheer leaders for the world's most aggressive killing machine. America is rapidly becoming the least interested nation on earth in human suffering. China and Russia now respond to humanitarian needs better than we do. Witness how we are about to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan after trashing their cities. The few tear jerking videos you see of kind acts by US soldiers do not explain why we are destroying the nations of the Middle East and supplying the arms that Saudi Arabia uses to bring The Yemen to total starvation and massive slaughter.

President Trump never talks about the humanitarian needs of the nations of the world. He is all about business and profits. He does not care diddly about helping feed the people after we destroy their country, and Obama cared even less.

To learn the hidden facts behind WWII, and the years since, watch this documentary:

You can go to Google and search for the title of the documentary above to find the other eleven episodes. You do not have to agree with everything, but you will learn that the truth has been systematically destroyed by both Liberals and Conservatives.

Russia never forgets. HERE IS THEIR VICTORY DAY which is repeated every year in honor of the 27 million who died during WWII. Half of the voters in America elected a man who failed to even salute the American flag, and he often degraded America to world nations. We have no such day when we parade and salute and recall the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers.