Thursday, February 15, 2018


The FBI was notified about the shooter in Parkland, Florida, and they dropped the case. They had all the information they needed to have the shooter prosecuted for making death threats.

This is not the first mass killing in which the FBI knew the killer was eager to kill people. This fact makes us wonder of the FBI has actually been told to let mass killings go forward in order to fuel the fires of hate of guns. We know that the FBI is infested with Progressive Liberals working to destroy causes on the right. Is this not much like the days of Adolph Hitler?


So, how can these shootings be stopped or greatly reduced?

1. Make all FBI and Homeland Security agents and their bosses liable to be prosecuted in civil court when they fail to follow up reports of gun threats and violence threats.

2. Make gun and killing verbal threats a federal offense punishable by time in prison. If a punk yells, "I will kill you for that," he should go up for a year minimum.

3. All schools in America must be required to have a minimum of three people in a school armed at all times, especially during sports events.

4. Give danger pay to teachers who are willing to get a permit to carry and will carry at school. Pay for the permit to carry fee for training. People with gun related violations must not be permitted to work in any school employment for life.

5. All custodians, and the Principal of every school, must be armed at all times during school time.

6. Do an ad campaign to encourage all Americans to report killer talk and approval of killing to the local police or the FBI.

7. All police departments in the USA must be under Federal threat of prosecution if they fail to report any gun or killing reports they get from citizens to the FBI. Heavy fines must be levied against any cities whose police departments fail to comply. FBI agents or management who fail to pursue these reports must be fired and banned from ever working in a government job at any level in any state or local venue.

8. All gun sales and permit to carry trainers must be under Federal Law to report talk about assassinations or killing people at random. Failure to report these events, if proven, will result in the gun seller's, or permit to carry trainer's, licenses to be revoked indefinitely. 

The whole point here is that guns do not kill people. People are the problem. Criminals must understand that there are many other people out there who are going to report them or kill them if they try to commit crimes with guns. The way to stop killer people is to enlist masses of people to catch the killer before he strikes.

Here are other actions that could be taken to discourage mass killers:

9. People must be held responsible for their words. When a person suggests assassination, murder, or mass shooting as a solution to any issue, that person must serve one year in a Federal prison, and this applies for Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters when they say, "I want to 'take out' President Trump."

10. The US should assign an island within its realm of influence as a prison island. This would be specifically used to imprison mass killers and assassins who are convicted in states with no death penalty. They must be sentenced to life, and they must work in gardens to feed themselves. The death penalty must be made a luxury that is not an option for mass killers. They need to spend the rest of their life thinking about the evil they did. If a criminal has no fear of Hell to come, he needs to be given Hell now.

11. Anyone suggesting killing or murder as fun, interesting, or the solution to any social issue, on social media, must serve time in prison.

12. Any web site owner who posts text or video giving instructions on how to kill, maim, or harm other people must serve prison time and be banned from the Internet for life.

13. Similar laws should be made to cover other extreme crimes like pedophilia and human enslavement. Pedo web site owners must spend the rest of their lives on the above mentioned island.

The issue in crime and punishment is not to see how close we can come to not punishing the wicked. The point is to cause extreme mental and social pain to the criminal. Rehabilitation is seldom accomplished, so the criminal must be punished in such a way that he will not "do it again" for the rest of his life.

Again, the only way to stop mass killings, and other such crimes, is to enlist a massive force of citizens to listen and fink on anyone talking favorably about these things. No other solution will work.

Also, our words we speak must be held as sufficient evidence for prosecution and punishment.

Matthew 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

When we lived in Ethiopia, every Saturday in the market place, some extreme criminal might be hanging from the public gallows. Every kid in Ethiopia had seen a criminal get hanged, and he knew what awaited him if he took up the profession of extreme violence. Thus, the only professional killers lived in the wilderness away from society.

Public hanging is an amazing deterrent. The thought of standing on the gallows waiting for the trap door to drop, while ones neighbors eagerly wait to see him die, works wonders on the mind of pathological people. People who do not like public hanging as punishment are usually people who would themselves be candidates for hanging one day.