Monday, February 12, 2018


It appears that Glenn Beck is going to sell The Blaze to Ben Shapiro, or at least partner with him. This is because The Blaze has not been blazing lately. Why is that?

1. Both Shapiro and Beck climbed on the wrong horse before the election. They backed Ted Cruz, the liar who knifed Ben Carson during the primaries the same way Hillary knifed Bernie Sanders. Cruz also lied about Donald Trump and never has cleaned  up the mess he made. For this reason, Glenn Beck cannot pull the conservatives very well at all. They don't trust him. 

2. Beck is also a missionary for the Mormon Church. He got a vision that Ted Cruz was God's choice for the Presidency, and the vision did not pan out. This reads much like Family Radio's Harold Camping and his prediction of the Rapture of the Church. True Bible believers do not trust false prophets who make prophecies that do not come true. Furthermore; many Christians know the filthy sexually explicit heresies in the Mormon doctrines, and Beck boldly promotes Mormonism. Watching Back's TV programs is like dealing with Mormon missionaries at the front door.

So, I have no tears to shed for Glenn Beck. I do not trust Mormons. They are full of themselves, and they have a soul based belief that they will have their own Heaven while non-Mormons will be the White Trash of eternity. They have a saying for those who refuse their doctrine..... "I will wash my feet in your blood."

I tuned pianos all over the southeast of Arizona for some years. There is a standing courtesy in that hot world. When a service man comes to your home to do work, you give him water to drink. All Arizonans do this. The Mormon homes I visited almost never gave me water. That is because I was not a Mormon, and I was unworthy of such consideration. Mormons are also very cruel to one another. They bully the poorer people in their churches, and they suck the cash from all their people by demanding they all buy three years of preparedness supplies from the Mormon Church. One young married couple I tuned for had bags of beans, wheat, and sugar all around the house because they had run out of space to store the stuff, and they were poor as church mice.

Beck is a fraud, and he will not suck it up and support Trump. I have problems with Trump, but who doesn't? The point is, Trump is our President. It is bad enough to have the Progressive Liberals raging in hate for Trump. We don't need to give the time of day to an alleged Conservative who is bad mouthing Trump.

Ben Shapiro is a dandy dude on college campuses as he gives speeches and hammers Liberalism and Socialism. But, he too will not admit that Trump is his President. So, I have no hope for the destiny of the Shapiro/Beck twosome. They will not gain followers by doubling up the bad attitude program they are forming.