Monday, February 12, 2018



Last year the Center of Disease Control admitted that the flu vaccine only had a 10% effect in preventing the flu. Ten percent is the plus or minus error factor in medical research. Thus, the flu vaccine of 2017 was a total disaster. 

This year, the prevention factor is 40 to 60% according to the CDC. A spread like that is VERY imprecise. Furthermore, the numbers who get the flu, from one year to the next, change radically. This is why you hear from the media that certain years were worse then usual. So, how can the CDC determine how many would get the flu if they were not vaccinated. They cannot. They are lying.

So, what is the death rate of those who get the flu? The answer is, the CDC admits on their WEB PAGE that they have no way of knowing how many people die due to catching the flu. So, there is NO way to prove the flu vaccine saves lives. The truth is, people have gotten the flu for centuries and recovered. When someone does die, they were almost always elderly and had other issues already which weakened them.

There are still companies which make flu vaccines which use mercury as a preservative. HERE IS THE TRUTH.

Remember, this is the same US Government who told us, during the Vietnam War, that Agent Orange would not hurt our troops as they sprayed our troops and the trees in Vietnam. Now, thousands of Veterans are being treated for the effects of Agent Orange, and most of them die of the effects.

There are many web sites defending the flu vaccine and claiming it is perfectly safe, even with babies. There is no research to prove this to date. NONE


So, what can we do?

If your kids are threatened with expulsion from school for not getting the flu shot, take them out of school and put them in a private school, or home school them. The alternative is highly possibly autism. And, YOU will answer to God for caving in and letting them be vaccinated and maimed for life.

If you work in a medical institution that demands you take the flu shot, they may allow you to keep working as long as you wear a mask. Do it. When the patients ask why you have to wear the mask, tell them to call the hospital administrator for an explanation. If they fire you, go find a job where you do not have to take the flu shot.

The day may come soon when insurance companies and Medicare will demand that their members have the flu shot or lose their coverage. Find a doctor who will give the flu shot to the waste basket and record that you had it. Or, report to them that you had the flu shot at a clinic.

You may wonder if lying is right for a Christian. The Hebrew midwives lied to Pharaoh that the Hebrew women had their babies before they could get there and kill the baby boys. God recorded this in the Bible and gave high tribute for those women for lying. When it is a matter of life and death, LIE. If they come back to you and demand you have the shot again because they have no record of it, find a doctor who will help you in this thing.

If you are forced to take the shot, have a Blue Ice package in your pocket when you go to have the shot. Leave the place as quickly as possible, and put the blue ice on the shot area at once. Buy a snake kit with a suction device ahead of time, and use that as soon as you get to the car over the shot area to draw as much blood as possible from the shot wound.

Also, detox immediately. Here are some sites that tell you how:

Find my article on vaccinations here

LEGAL STATEMENT: I am not a medical professional. I ran a bush clinic in Africa, but that in no way should give you any comfort. You should not follow any advice I have given above. Go to you doctor, and do whatever he tells you to do. The US Government also would never lie to you, and your Congressman would never take a bribe from the vaccine production companies. The flu shot will make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Take it at once. Finally, the moon is made of green cheese.