Thursday, February 8, 2018


Several blog posts here have noted that America does not parade its Military. This is historically the way the great empires of the past have intimidated their enemies. While a celebration of war goes against the instincts of a true Bible believer, history bears out the fact that Military parades serve a purpose and may actually prevent war. 

If our enemies see us parading our best and most deadly possibilities, it just might give them pause before they attack us. Let me speak as a Texan. There are three guns for every man in Texas. That fact is flaunted by Texans. We do not try to hide it. Why? Answer: Criminals from California and other crime infested states must think long and hard before they come crawling over my fence. Roxie helps also. She is my American Bull Mastiff mix dogie who has no patience for uninvited guests. She can make it to the fence in three seconds..... can you? 

So, why are Russia and China, the other two of the Big Three empires, the only ones who have Military parades. Don't tell me that we are peace loving and do not need to publicly flex our muscles. We are the biggest war maker in human history. Our whole history as a nation is made of a series of conflicts into which we enlisted or drafted millions of our young men to go stop a bullet in the name of the Red, White, and Blue.

So, why do you sissy prissy scum of the Democratic Party not want to give these soldiers their day of fame? CHEAP What you Liberals want is the cheap oil prices which are the spoils of modern war, but you want the soldiers to crawl up and beg you for permission to die for that oil, right?

It is a sick joke for both Democrats, and a couple of Republican buffoons, to be whining that a Military parade is not appropriate. Our nation loves war, America loves killing, and our Government agencies assassinate world leaders as a mere past time. Maybe you Liberal sons of Belial would prefer a parade in honor of abortionists of America, right?

Why should Trump have his parade.

1. He is the greatest, and he knows it. This is a Mohammed Ali moment for Trump. He has never served a minute in the US Military, and he needs a chance to stand at the front of the platoon and yell, "Reeeeeeeport." If you love Trump, you should not be balking at his bringing out his troops for review.

2. Baby face Kim in North Korea needs to see Trump strutting his stuff like the other world powers. Kim does not understand anything by brute bully force. This would be an instructional moment for him.

3. There is precedent for Military show of force. We had a big parade after WWI and WWII, and we had another one under George H. Bush after Desert Storm. Furthermore, and all the pundits seem to have forgotten this one, Teddy Roosevelt, after rebuilding the US Navy while he worked at the Department of Navy, and after becoming President, sent "The Great White Fleet" around the world. It was a massive convoy of ships painted white which pulled into many ports. They fired the guns, and they feted the leaders and politicians of those nations and covered them with gifts. The effect was immense. America's enemies trembled, and our friends breathed a sigh of relief.


It is worth a look at the Russian annual Victory in WWII parade. They lost 27 million men defeating the forces of Nazi Germany, and they do not intend to forget. America has forgotten those who gave their lives at Normandy and Dunkirk and Iwo Jima and Monte Casino. American kids need to see that people die in wars, and American troops are killing and being killed for purposes today that are about politics and not much about survival. Military parades make kids ask questions that Daddies need to answer.



This ballad will make you think hard about war and the alleged glory of it.

Final thoughts are given by Mychal Massie:

It is the hallmark of Progressive Liberals, and has been since the 1960s hippie plague, to be ashamed of the American Military. That is why so many of the beasts of prey in Congress refused to stand and honor Military heroes presented during President Trump's State of the Union speech. What troubles me is that fully 50% of you who read here agree that the US Military is an embarrassment to you. You need to move to North Korea and see your kind of military.