Thursday, March 17, 2016


We knew this was coming. Bumble Bee is to be commended for self-calling in a batch of tuna. They are not talking about exactly what the reason is, but with Fukushima cooking away worse than ever, we must assume radiation is the issue. To assume it could be something else is madness.


Long ago I told you to stop eating anything from the Pacific Ocean waters. I am serious. The US Government is systematically hiding the radiation levels of US coastal waters, and we the people cannot afford to buy a high end Geiger counter to check fruit and vegetables grown in the coastal agriculture zone of California. 

The problem is that there are maverick particles which can be inhaled and can be on food where coastal fog is involved. These particles have a half life of over one thousand years, and once in your body, they start cooking your lungs very slowly but very certainly. The problem: an ordinary Geiger counter cannot detect them, so US Government officials know they can look the other way and play dumb for now.

Buy only fish from the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, south Pacific below the equator, and from southeast Asian waters IF you can be sure the Asian fishing companies did not catch the fish in the Pacific.

Gulf fish and shrimp are now safe due to time passed since the BP fiasco. Furthermore; oil contamination issues pale compared to radiation.

I have just learned that Bumble Bee Tuna is now owned out of Thailand. This is exactly what Donald Trump has been talking about. Another American company bought out by a Thai company.

Moral: Boycott Bumble Bee Tuna.