Thursday, March 17, 2016


Do you suppose that Donald Trump has a subtle agenda-- Make the Democrats go insane, violent, and behave like the Mad Hatter. They have just started to go for the bait:


Trump is shaking up the whole world New World Order establishment. China and Japan has set off alarms about Trump, and rightly so. Both those nations are in for a beating in trade if Trump becomes President.

Mexican politicians are cussing and promising they will not pay for any walls. If Trump gives el Presidente the choice between 35% import duty on all Mexican products into the USA, or pay for the wall, the Mexican President will do the Aztec Two Step and pay up.

Frankly, I no longer fret much about Trump becoming President. I gave up on Cruz long ago because of the way he plays dirty tricks while waving a Bible during his campaign rallies.

We know very well that Trump is not a born again Christian. But, politically, and culturally, I see his coming along as a great set back for the One World juggernaut, AND THAT IS GOOD.

Many people expect he will go through a complete change after January 21. He will start schmoozing the world's leaders, and he will court the House and Senate. He may very well pamper the Democrats with grand dinners at the White House like Andrew Jackson did. 

All that would be needed to win the Dems over would be a banquet with a 1200 pound blue cheese, like Andrew Jackson did, and lay a pile of paper napkins next to the cheese. The Dems would all wrap a lump of cheese in a napkin and carry it home in their suit pocket, like they did in Jackson's day. The next day the usual political stink in Congress would temporarily be well covered up by the smell of blue cheese.

"A good President cannot do that much good in one term,
And a bad President cannot do that much bad."
Dr. J O Henry- circa 1962 re: John Kennedy