Friday, March 24, 2017


This makes Tricky Dicky Nixon look like kindergarten stuff compared to this CIA bomb. And, Comey now appears to be running a cover up for the criminal trick.

This bomb shell now makes it very clear that the US Intelligence community is possibly the most criminal mob on earth as to surveillance of its own citizens, and it now is clear that no American leader has any protection from being raped of every word he speaks.

Perhaps some real reform will come of this. Frankly, I believe the CIA and NSA should be totally eliminated. I believe that our spying program is morally wicked while we bully everyone on earth, including our own people. There is no excuse for this.

As to the CIA or NSA hacking / wire tapping of Trump and his people, AND the hacking of Bernie Sanders, the people responsible, including Hillary and Barak Obama, should be tried for felony crimes and locked up in Leavenworth for twenty years, no parole, no mercy. The alternative would be to strip them of their citizenship and send them to Zimbabwe.

My suggestion is that we pull all of our spies out of the whole world, and serve notice to all nations to pull their spies from the USA. Any spy caught in the USA should get forty years in prison with no parole, and any American spy caught in another nation should be tried by the nation offended. Corporate spying should be included in this plan. 

Any nation caught hacking the US should be punished by stopping all imports from their nation for a year. Any American caught hacking another nation should be handed over to that nation for prosecution under their law, including all US officials including the President.

All information gathering should be done up front face to face, and if our enemy is lying, punish him for it. The whole world is saturated by creeps, and the US is the worst offender.

Perhaps we need another Butterfly Island, or Christmas Island where we can send people who offend humanity by intruding into other people's privacy.