Monday, March 20, 2017


Oil prices are slipping due to Donald Trump's encouragement to get the Keystone Pipeline build. Drilling is up, and production will boom again on the Texas coast.

This means world oil prices will go down as more US crude comes online. The Saudis, and OPEC in general, must be saying nasty things about Trump in their back room talk.

Economically, America Great Again includes oil booming. If Trump manages to deregulate oil production and keep Al Gore and Michael Moore at bay, things will look even better for US oil, but worse for world prices.

What we are looking at is the possibility of 100% independence for the US as to oil. No more tankers shipping oil TO the US, only AWAY from the US.

So, the oil barons, including US Congressmen, who have oil stock in foreign companies, are the powerful enemies of Donald Trump. Look for these people to huddle and come up with a game plan to torment Trump. They have lost nearly $3 trillion since oil started dropping in 2014, and Trump's game plan could see another trillion drop in value worldwide. BP alone loses $300 million in value for every dollar oil drops.

Do you remember the man with THE DEAL? Sooner or later, these enemies of Trump will have to eat humble pie and see the man for a deal. And, Trump will deal, and he will be a prefect gentleman. But for now, the hammer is dropping everywhere.

Watch for the oil Mafia to pay the Democrats in the Congress to rage and roar about the environment. It would actually help the internationls if Trump's oil juggernaut were stalled over green issues.

It is amazing that, as employment and the economy improve, the Democrats hate Trump even more. A booming economy will give the Dems more Federal revenue to play with, and they are mad. How much longer will this temper tantrum go on?

For what it is worth, the dollar is down in value, which means foreign business will find American products easier to buy. The Fed raised interest rates, and the combo should stimulate investment in the USA. Things are certainly moving in the right direction for The Donald.