Sunday, March 12, 2017


Fat Albert Gore started the narrative with a promise that we are well on our way to fry ourselves to death in a global hot house. And, he blamed us all for driving our Ford too much and eating too many baked beans and coleslaw.

So, what's a Bawston, Mass Catholic supposed to do on Friday night? That is what I hate about Southern Baybtists like Al Gore. They keep taking our fun away with their "Baptist Standards."

Gore and Micheal Moore had it all to themselves at first. Then, there was the quick fix needed when the earth got cooler, especially in the Southern Hemisphere. New speak to the rescue..... We are now hearing about Climate Change.

What next........... Cosmic Constipation?


Today and tomorrow the East Coast of the USA will be hammered by cold winds, lots of snow, and panic stricken weather forecasts. This will, as usual, be blamed on Climate Change.

I have news for you CC nut cases...........

Climate Change is endemic. The climate changes every year, from hot to cold and back again. The extreme events, like the one about to hammer the Progressive Liberals of the USA, are NORMAL, not exceptional.

The North and South Pole decrease and increase over and over, and the snow cap on Mount Kilimanjaro diminishes and increases many times over the years.

So, you can all be very grateful that there is Climate Change. Without it many species of plants and animals would die off and expire out of sheer frustration.

And, without Climate Change, the clothing industry would go bankrupt. If the girls did not go back and forth from postage stamp bikinis to fur line parkas, the GDP of China would collapse in ruin.

Let us all be more thoughtful, and let us be thankful for the increased Carbon Dioxide in the air. It makes the plants grow better.

Due to the process of photosynthesis, no matter how mean, or cruel, or sinful you have been throughout this day (or year?), every time you breathe out, you make a little flower happy.
For those of you who wish to study this more closely, I have found a video of a seminar on Global Warming. This video will show you clearly how very seriously I take this crisis.