Thursday, March 30, 2017


The US Congress has passed legislation permitting your Internet history to be marketed by anyone who has it. The following article gets the point across, and we all must decide how we will deal with our present Internet presence and future horrors.


This bill was pushed through by Republicans exclusively. Not one Democrat voted for it. This is a case where Hillary would have been a better choice. She, of all people, would like to keep some things private.

But, you are a big fool if you think you do not need privacy. The day may soon be on us when anyone can pay a nominal fee, similar to sites which get crime and address history for you, and the purchase will get that person all your search history since you first logged onto a computer long ago.

Many Bible believers will say, "I have nothing to hide." You are wrong. Do you want an insurance provider, or the US Government to know every search you did on health issues you thought you had? We all click into places that we would not like everyone to know about, and I am not talking about porn. That is a no brainer.

So, Donald Trump wants America to be great again. If this is his notion of greatness, please stop the bus and let me off. The destination for Donald's "Great" is a hell of invasion of my most personal stuff. Also, this brings into question Trump's claims of wanting America to go its own way. The Globalist program calls for herding and nannying the masses, and invading privacy is the key to this objective.

So, what shall we do?

First, do not use Google to search for ANY searching you even imagine could cause you issues later. Use a proxy search engine that hides your ISP and searches for you through a fake ISP. I like

Second, you can get a bot, I am told, which will do searches at random that will overload your history with rubbish. This is used by many people who want to hide their sensitive searches in a huge pile of rubbish. This is what I call camouflage searching. You can do this randomly yourself. Every time you do a search, pick something out of the air, like knitting, or fish bait, or Medieval art, and do a search on it. Search random names of people out of thin air. Search for government offices. Pad your search history at your ISP with loads of camouflage.

Send the bums on a goose chase. Over a period of months of years do searches on cooking school, recipes, gourmet eating places, and so on. This will give you a whole new vocational identity to the snoops and send them off your trail.

Third, sneak up on the topic. Use details on a topic rather than the obvious word. For example (and I am risking something to do this for you), instead of typing in "ammo" into the search box, type in "45 rounds" or "turkey shot". This will get you to an ammo site, and then you can look around there. This may still show up, but not as search terms you used.

Fourth, be careful what you tell people on Facebook. Do not load in all the issues in your life. Do not even put them in private chat areas. All of this will be mass crunched and trended to make a life profile for you. Also, be careful about smart alack remarks that could be tagged as violent behavior by the Government.

In closing, I must suggest that you stop seeing Donald Trump as the godfather of America, as if God sent him to take us all into national Nirvana. The man is doing what works for big corporations, and that means selling the public into slavery.

Also, pray that someone challenges this and sends it to the Supreme Court.