Monday, March 6, 2017


Donald Trump, in an interview, said that he likes it when commentators are saying bad things about him. The reason he gave was that it is better to be talked about in negative terms than not at all.

So, apply his own words to the ongoing schizophrenic picture of the reasonable Presidential Trump speaking to Congress versus the Tweeting Trump. 

What Donald Trump wants is for the media to keep talking about his tweets. This leaves him plenty of room to tinker with change and sneaky tricks in global and political areas. Even their fuss over the Russia connection could be seen in this way.

So, you folks know my rule from the world of magic. Don't watch the hand doing the magic trick. Watch the hand that seems to be idle and doing nothing. THERE is where the trick is.

So, if you want to know Trump's real agenda, you will have to chase it down by deep searches at Google, and at news agencies around the world. There are people in other parts of the world who are a lot smarter than US media. They know the rule I explained above.

One very obscure example is that Trump wrote a special executive order putting Africans from Tanzania on a special list of nations where travelers do not need a visa to enter the USA. Tanzanians now share this special privilege with the UK, Canada, and several other Western nations. 


Well, it may have something to do with natural gas recently being found in Tanzania. It looks very much like Trump, the Deal Maker, is moving in on Tanzania. By keeping the masses and asses reading his nasty tweets, Trump has deflected Progressive Liberal hate for neo-colonialism as the US again takes over some aspect of commerce in an African nation.

So, if you think the tweets represent a man with a crazy streak, and if you want to believe the talking heads who claim Trump is destroying his Presidency, think again friend. He knows exactly what he is doing. The question is, do you?