Sunday, November 1, 2015


I cannot vouch for this report, but it would answer a question many people have asked. Did the US really catch and kill Qadaffi?

There is a claim that Vladimir Putin has had a personal visit from Qadaffi, and Putin intends to enter Libya and do something about the mess the US leaders made.

Report I gleaned online:
This is an auto translation obviously from Arabic. Also, there is a clear cryptic name use here if you know how to decipher it.


Comment by Christella Bernardene Krebs 1 hour ago
'Zero hour', on 'FB'
26 octobre, 00:58 ·
Information is very, very special and our sources
al-Qathafi IS alive....
President Vladimir Putin told visiting President
Bashar al-Assad in Moscow when met by Libyan leader Muammar
al-Qathafi alive,
which will lead the battle to liberate Libya will
Russia Btzlaha ...
and what I think was able Assad of conversation commander
Telephone .......
Rest assured that the information is correct Mer in Mieh.
26 octobre, 18:36 ·
We know it is a source close personally and honest and we know it because he is my neighbor?
The leader Ola alive and crawling internationalist coming holy name before
Enter the new year
Mafia and nights around the world led by Rossi asked for $ 10 billion
To sacrifice the person of the leader instead of leader and graduated from Tripoli and the person Hedda ...
Humaid named Eboumnyar cousin leader was substantially similar to
Saluting the Mafia to send Prime al-Stranj At the same time the largest surgeon
Facelift in the world to conduct cosmetic surgery to Dahr Humaid son
Uncle of the leader like a leader himself, as is evident in the game if al-Stranj
Trkazho little Rah Tarafo Tguetnao and that he is not a leader:
The intention of the game is the same al-Strj Madl leader in the MAJLIS al-Nuwaab speech.
There steadfast creep inside you know Him, a Kabyle was Mksmha
In al-Stranj played by Ola Enlarge this topic JSK Kabylie there really steadfast.
Tall metal castle and the Knights of Kabylie Kabylie and small metal Minister in Kabylie.
Mattel population of soldiers crept in and attack the enemy until you finish Ola exit.
Once again a leader in checks on creep nights I Ancodh a Checkmate
February ended the game or the departure of our Leader.
Incredible Basedk nights and nights Amikdb Braanh Bs right leader Lord neighborhood
And hard to see the heart of the table Ola West, Turkey and the United States make up the Arabs
Tip and Libya lead the world and the end of the Arab rulers traitors proverb nights home
Glass does not survive pry stones
And Ardjao for Srtin leader with Bashar al-Assad in order to Tarafo Lada There are similar or not in shape, height and hair and skin.
For your information leader Bashar al-Assad was knowing that the leader Nawi turns them Ola.
West and cut it like evidence said in a previous interview that there is a surprise to supporters.
Rah light shake the world
He lived light and hold out until victory and the neighborhood you
(Aischof Bajunh)
Aknibis Elzwawi, informs us:
'Eachoa Humaid' died in Germany and unsure of my information, but one hundred percent. How much is still on the end of the year two months Lotto Ancovo ?
28 octobre, 23:38 ·
Now the green channel program in assets on behalf of a phone call from
Anho expected Khamis Muammar Gaddafi ...
If in the end he says hear from unexpected.
Adel al-Wrflay, tells us:
Muammar al-Qathafi, Khamis and Mutassim: all of them sitting me alive.... Raji oil Legge of Gharyan Hahahahahahahaha

If Vladimir Putin did try to grab Libya it would fulfill the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 that Libya will be part of the consortium of nations under Gog's leadership.