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The Roman Empire, in 455 AD, and in its death throws, was about to be attacked by Vandal hordes from the north, people who could never have won any battle with the old Roman Empire. Constantine was in a panic. He looked about for a rescue source, and he realized the only group which had not been totally depraved and demoralized in Rome were the Christians.

Constantine then made a "donation" of the Roman Empire to the bishop of Rome, Pope Leo the Great. The bishops baptized the whole Roman Empire by marching them through a river while a bishop intoned various banal prayers on the river bank and held his cross in the hope it had some salutary effect.

After being baptized Constantine and his Roman soldiers were still sodomites, and so was Constantine, but Pope Leo came up with a trick. He is said to have sent a message to the Barbarian leader that God was sending him a personal message that he was to defend the church of God in Rome. When the Barbarian leader got to Rome, voile, he found the Roman Church was also the Roman Empire.

So, the Barbarian leader sucked up the propaganda of the Pope, and he turned and went home reassured that he had done this new god a service.

The rest of the history of the Roman Empire is really the story of how the Roman Catholic Church took power and lost all of the Roman Empire except Italy.

Now, let us see how the mighty Roman Empire, the one that stretched from the Persian Gulf to England and Spain, fell in ignominy and paranoia, and was on the brink of being destroyed by a bunch of scruffy Vandals.

You will learn of ten characteristics of the Roman Empire at its end which are precisely the same issues not dominating the USA. We will talk about the future after you watch the video. I must give a disclaimer of other teachings of Geoffrey Bodkin, but he is spot on with this comparison:

You are brain dead if you did not see the frightening comparison between the USA and ancient Rome at its dying day. These ten qualities, when found in any empire in the past, were sure signs that that empire was in its death throws.

The irony is, the Barbarians of Mecca, Islamic refugees laced with ISIS infiltrators, are on their way into America. Unlike Constantine who saw the Barbarians as a threat, President Obama is actually inviting the Barbarians from Mecca to invade America. Obama has no interest in any group in the USA which might have a moral or spiritual impact on the situation.

So, America will be invaded and conquered by Islamic barbarians unless some response is forthcoming. The only way to stop this invasion will be to stop President Obama in his tracks. May God have mercy on us all. The only context to stop Obama, which will meet with God's approval, will be if our leaders stop Obama in the name of Jesus Christ.

This is not going to happen. We are in a religious war, and our side is saying the enemy are, "good and peace loving people." God does not rescue damned fools who exalt the wicked as good.

Matthew 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

America, if you will not agree with that Bible text, America will be destroyed, and the beasts of Mecca may soon rape your wife and daughter and slit your throat. Your claims that you will stop them are a sick joke because you will not give God the glory. History is on the side of Satan this time.

Why should God not destroy the sodomite baby killing nation?

By the way, I am a Christian, President Obama. I am not clever at all humanly, but I am in possession of the solution to the destruction of America. So are many other Christians in America. Just ask, and ye shall receive. Knock, and the door shall be opened.

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