Sunday, November 1, 2015


LAODICEA- "Rule of the people"

This is the local church in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, last book in the Bible, which is condemned by Christ for shutting him out of their church. Laodica was the city they lived in, and this text also discusses the eras of the Church Age as represented by the seven churches addressed.

So, we live in the last Church Age era. This era has the hallmark of being ruled by the people. I realized that Alex Jones, and all the other doomsdayers, predict that any minute the Bilderburgers, or the World Elite, or the New World Order will take charge and enslave the people.

God says otherwise.

So, we have a classic form of Laodicean rebellion in Europe this morning. 


The cause seems worthy. Most European nations are rejecting GMOs from Monsanto. They cause serious health issues. So, who finally wins over Monsanto? The German government? The French government?

Some scruffy Laodicean with a can of petrol is not convincing Monsanto that they are hated. And, Monsanto is clearly getting the point.

The fact is, large Nicolaitan corporations rule the governments of the major nations by using bribes and threats and "donations" to causes (Senators and Parliamentarians).

So, the real war is the war between the corporations and the masses who are in anarchy. The causes of the Laodiceans are often appealing because they talk about rights, the old ways, and even religious ideals. These cover stories deceive the majority who really live for their stuff and their amusement.

So, Monsanto is paying the price for crossing the Laodiceans, and Monsanto will either pay attention and alter their course, or they will be hammered until they bust. Recently I read that they are running out of cash to run all their research and development operations. Their one year slump in stock prices tells a different story than their claims to be the savior of all farmers in the world.