Thursday, November 12, 2015


We trashed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, The Yemen, and now Syria. So, these people caught in the cross fire are fleeing the Middle East, and they are invading Europe.

The leaders of the EU have to have figured out how this happened, and they have to be spitting and cussing out George Bush and Barak Obama now.

Soon, mark it down folks, and Europeans will charter ocean liners and send the refugees to America, and the relationship between America and Europe will crash. Europeans will hate us, indeed, they must hate us NOW.

So, God may be about to pay back the United States for bullying the world and destroying order in the Middle East. If you think the Central American kids were an problem, wait until the beasts of Allah are running in the streets of your city.

How long until Americans are riding the trains through Mexico to Central America to escape the terror of these beasts?

And, you all laughed at Ron Paul when he said we did not need to make war in the Middle East.

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