Monday, November 16, 2015


It seems Huma, Hillary's personal aide and comforting companion, has told us that Hillary is "often confused."


Now, Hillary, I do understand that.

Some time back I was pulled over by a traffic cop, and he told me I had turned left in a NO LEFT TURN lane. I told the cop that I was confused, I was looking for a landmark of a building I wanted to find, and I followed the guy in front of me who also turned left.

The cop was very kind as he wrote out my ticket, and I went to the City Hall and made my contribution to the city budget.

All that has changed now, thanks to you Hillary. The next time a cop pulls me over I will tell him I was confused like you were.

We can all understand that you got confused when the Benghazi consulate was attacked, and by the time you had awakened from your nap and drunk some strong coffee to subdue the Schnapps, our poor ambassador was rather dead.

Now, we all understand better.

We must all live so that, after we have passed on to our reward, men will say about us, "He was confused all the time, but he sure was a peach of a guy for being such an utter dim bulb."

Once again, we at Balaam's Ass Speaks want to give the Dead Skunk Award to Hillary Clinton for helping us Americans use our ongoing confusion constructively.



Oh, it's you again.

Take a letter to BO.

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