Friday, November 4, 2016


If ever the top thugs needed a False Flag, now is the moment.

Hillary, along with all the Republican and Democrat Senators and Representatives in here pedophile ring, are about to be outed by the FBI and the NYC Police and NYC Justice Department. 

So, the knight in shenzi armor, the WOG who suckered America into believing he was not a Kenyan, is now going to do a False Flag. He has given you the heads up which he will use later to say, "I told you so."


Obama, screaming "TREASON" just like Athaliah the murderer screamed treason as she raged through the horse gate of Jerusalem long ago, is claiming the Russians are going to hack our elections.

I remind you that the US Ambassador to Russia was all over Moscow in the streets when Putin last ran for re-election trying to defeat Putin. Putin was furious, and he is a man quite capable of wanting revenge. So, if Putin trashed our elections we should not be so pious about the thing. A favor is a favor, right?

But, the truth seems to be that Obama is setting up for a False Flag and cancelling the elections. This will keep him in power longer, maybe for life.

What is it that the False Flag will cover up?

Answer: THIS

The central computer which processes all election results is worse than hacked. It is programmed to play mathematics algorithmic tricks which will keep Trump losing just a little bit and report that Hillary won the election. Obama wants to cover this up.

He will probably take down the power grid, and, in the process, see that the main frame computer is blown sky high so that the evidence can be destroyed.

Will Obama get to do his False Flag?

Pray that, if our democracy has to be trashed, men of some sort of honor will prevail. You see, this is now the New Normal..... Zimbabwe. We must pray that God will allow the best coup to win.

Obama came in the horse gate eight years ago, boasting he would bring hope and change. Let us send him out the dung gate with his dope and mange. 


The Feds are now telling us how the False Flag will be done. They will attack Texas. I have long assumed that Obama will try to do great harm to Texas because Texas is the premier symbol of States Rights. Our Governor has sued Obama over and over to stop his Executive Orders.


So, I suspect that Obama's phony Al Qaeda attack will really be the US Military nuking Austin, Texas. If you live or work in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Galveston area, I would suggest you not go to work Monday.

This will result in Texas seceding from Zimbabwe. 

The total lack of interest in this run up to a False Flag shows how the leading Republicans in Washington DC are nothing but warts on the face of America. They are virtually cheering on Obama as he trashes the democracy.

For this reason, we at Balaam's Ass Speaks wish to give the much coveted Dead Skunk Award to the Congress of the United States of Zimbabwe:


NYCP officer on the Hillary case leaks the facts on c_____ sucking Hillary and your Congressmen boy lovers:


If this does not destroy Hillary, then I PRAY that God destroys the United States of America. There is no way this nation deserves to thrive any further if we will not put these people in the Big House for life.

I suspect at least one US Supreme Court Justice is involved.

Do you ever wonder if someone much higher up in this world is managing this whole debacle in order to make Americans hate their own country? Could this be Soros trying to drive us to secession so that he can later buy each state one by one?

The point is, Soros cannot buy YOUR vote. Some of you out there elected Obama, and you will now elect Hillary. This is because you are brain dead and driven by your own lusts. So, God is letting you participate in your own destruction.