Friday, November 4, 2016


There ain't no Sanity Clause after all, in spite of what the Marx brothers say.

Once again my college buddy, the history major, and later a US History teacher in the public schools, gives his verdict on the coming weekend before the Presidential election.

The last weekend is here and I have stopped listening to the pundits. The cable TV and radio shows are primarily entertainment shows that rely on ratings for success. They want their viewers/listeners to feel good about their candidate's campaign and the pending victory on Tuesday. 
I have stopped looking at ALL national polls because they do not mean anything. It's a state-by-state Electoral College election. The most accurate state polls have historically come from the small polling organizations in each state. Typically they are small colleges, in rural areas, with an old grey haired professor that really understand who votes and how they vote. Think Dr. Henry back at Biola College. 
Trump has a narrow chance. He needs a low turnout for Hillary, a 3% or 4% Brexit type vote, and all the states Romney won in 2012. Trump's critical state is North Carolina. If he wins North Carolina, I'll keep watching the returns, if he loses, I'm going to bed early. 
The most troubling thing for me is that Hillary has led Trump in the polls every day this year.

 In His Service, 

And, so I shall try to also control myself and do little or no reporting of news on the elections. I fully believe that the events in the Middle East, Russian maneuvers against ISIL, and the secret thoughts of Benyamin Netanyahu are far more urgent stuff than the latest dirt on Hillary.

Psalms 141:10 Let the wicked fall into their own nets, whilst that I withal escape.