Sunday, November 13, 2016



I went for this at first. 

But then, I checked and his daughter Annella is 21 years old today. Was this a phone call from ten years ago? The info with the video claims the daughter was eleven years old. 

I suspect this is a total crock. Without a voice print comparison this has to be considered a vicious slander of Tim Kaine. I cannot stand him for his political moral choices, but I refuse to believe he did this.

If you have some proof that this is really Kaine, SEND MAIL.

I will report back to you folks if someone can offer airtight proof that this was Kaine. Otherwise, shuta yo mouth, joik.


As I suspected, the phone call was not made by Tim Kaine at all. This is a total fabrication by Today USA Politics YouTube site. It was Alec Baldwin who seems to have made the call to his his young daughter. At least, if we can believe THE TMZ STORY. TMZ is an online version of the National Enquirer. So, this story seems to need to die a slow death.

Thus, my advice to you is stay 100% clear of Today USA Politics. They are liars.

As to the new story on Alec Baldwin, this fits the man better. Hollywood actors are scum bags for sure. But again, is TMZ now guilty of slandering Baldwin?

Thanks for a reader, Joanne, for sending the Update data.