Thursday, November 17, 2016


There is in progress an all out attack on the US economy to destroy it. This was started before Trump was the winner in the recent election, so it is based on something else.

The adversary is China and Saudi Arabia in the main. Other nations are joining the assault.

The weapon: US paper purchased by China and Saudi Arabia over the past years. 


If there is anything you really must have, an operation you need, or a vehicle you need, buy it now. If you must go in debt for a home of vehicle, cut the deal now. Later, the prices will sky rocket as the dollar collapses.

The up side of this disaster is that your pay will go up, IF you do not lose your job. Your mortgage will be easier to pay because the mortgage companies will be stuck at the contract payment plan.

Imports will be extremely expensive if the dollar collapses, so any imports you really need should be bought now.

Saving dollars will be precarious. The safest way to save now is cash. Your bank account may soon be harvested, perhaps all of it, by the US Government in order to pay off the paper flooding back to the US to be cashed in early.

It may not be true, as the article implied, that China and Saudi Arabia are intentionally trying to destroy the US. They simply may have read the economic signs in our system and concluded that we are about to tank. The Federal Reserve has no resources of tricks left to save the US economy. Thus, China in particular may have simply decided to dump their paper before the stampeded worldwide starts.

It is also possible that Hillary has convinced Saudi Arabia to start this collapse so that Trump would inherit something he cannot fix.

Speculation is the order of the day during a crisis like this, so concentrate on your own acre and what is good for you and your family.

If the dollar collapses, it will add a second Tsunami of crisis on top of the riots and social chaos which is being fanned up by Van Jones, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. This double crisis could well result in panic at the state level, and states will start seceding.

Where do you want to be if this happens? If your area is in social and criminal chaos, why are you not on your way elsewhere?