Wednesday, November 2, 2016



Load and play all three at once. This will require loading the bottom two first and finding the suggested point to start playing. Scroll the page so that all three can be seen at once.

Let them run on your computer, and go on break so that people around you can see the mad hatters at work.

Move forward to the 4 minute 55 second point.

Move forward to the 45 second point.

In the video below you learn that there are two silent coups in progress. One is by Hillary and he Progressive elite from both parties. The other is Assange, FBI, CIA, and other operatives, and some very high octane movers and shakers with money and inside connections. In the second coup I am assuming that there are top ranking men in the US Military involved. 

This gives us some hope that Hillary can be stopped. But, it also explains why Hillary and her mob are hyper-ventilating right now. They dare not identify the second coup because they would indirectly be admitting their own coup does exist. 

There has never been a time in American history when the Republic was at the mercy of two warring factions like this.