Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Donald Trump is a self-created man based on his well developed ability to make deals.

So, you have had about forty years of politicians, from the left and the right, who have been telling you that a New World Order is coming. They then tell you that the mantra of their blessed road forward is "Ordo ab Chao," Order out of Chaos.

Why has this been such a disaster? You can make any claim you wish about the New World Order being just around the corner, and that they have accomplished their goals over the last forty years, but you are a fool to believe that.

You see, the back history of New World Orderism is a disaster for a very simple reason. The alleged masterminds of the NWO are lazy slobs. They have no interest in making deals that get results. That would be hard work, and the elite of the NWO will not work for what they want. They want to get rich, sip whiskey, and play with whores.

The Bush and Clinton dynasties are all lazy beyond measure. George W Bush has nothing to commend him that he had to work for. Bill Clinton has been a leeching politician all his life. He fled from the draft during the Vietnam War era by heading for Oxford, and then he failed to finish there. Hillary has spent her whole life as a mouthy loser raging and nagging for bribes. Obama has had to beg Colombia U. to seal his college records because he was a total disaster as a student. That is NOT work.

Finally, Barak Obama is a product of rich Liberal Whites who needed a porch monkey to serve the lemonade on the plantation porch. Give him a red coat, a coach whip, and tell him to sit in the corner and stay out of the way. All he and Michelle ever did that resembles work is flog the civil rights movement along in Chicago, and in the process had to hand in their licenses to practice law just before they were debarred. Big Whup.

All these people have driven business away from America, they have diluted the national identity of America via immigration by loser welfare junkies, and they have started and lost war after war in the Middle East. Their record around the world in diplomacy is a total disaster. The world hates to see them come around.

So, you folks elected Donald Trump. He is not one of the elite. Oh, for sure, Donald has learned to massage the minds and wallets of the elite to enrich himself, but he always ends every deal driving the coach into his acre while the NWO slobs try to sleep off a drunk. You liked his "make America Great" message. Well, all Donald knows how to do is DEAL.

So, he is surrounding himself with people whom he believes are deal makers. They are NOT all a lot of sausages, same contents, same length, and a twist at both ends. You are watching him bring people on board who have connections that makes you panic. Are you so stupid? Do you not see what he is doing?

All these people Donald is surrounding himself with are different from one another. This will result in two things:

1. They will disagree with each other regularly. That is good. It is about time we have a board room instead of a sausage factory. If Donald's philosophy prevails, these people will HAVE TO deal with each other and compromise. This will result in the best ideas surviving, and stupid ideas, the kind we have had for forty years, will be trashed.

2. These deal making people serving Trump will have the connections with the NWO creeps by which they can keep an eye on the NWO, and they will glean anything useful out of people like Henry Kissinger. Henry may have one good idea left. If so, get it and use it. Then, throw the beggar in the Hudson River.

The reason the New World Order elite believe in chaos, which they claim will bring a new order, is because they are lazy. Get that straight. They are dandies who have suckered the whole world into the belief that chaos is glorious. The alternative to chaos is hard work, and the world elite are allergic to hard work.

This then leaves the elite of the NWO plenty of time and money to fly the Lolita Express over 20 times to Epstein's island in the Virgin Islands where they can fondle little boys' penises (Bill Clinton).

So, you managed to elect a man who has other things on his mind. He did not come from Hollywood like Reagan with few talents other than to memorize lines and schmooze the masses. The Donald certainly has his warts, and they are easy to find. But, you were NOT thinking about sin and righteousness and judgment when you voted for him. You want your job back. You want a break from taxes. You want health insurance you can afford. You want neighbors who are legal Americans. And, you want to keep you Colt 45.

You Bible believers who thought Trump would save America from the fate of becoming totally wicked and sinful..... YOU ARE FOOLS. Trump needs salvation himself. He can save America from nothing except financial disaster, and that will even be a trick with what he is inheriting.

So, leave Trump alone, stop second guessing his choices, and pray that the man does not become mired in the swamp he has promised to drain.

And, as to your profession of faith in Jesus Christ, you better get it out, dust if off, and start talking non-stop about the Lord Jesus Christ. This is you last chance. If Trump is taken out before he can finish his political and man-exalting program, you will soon find the NWO mob in charge again.

So, like Daniel in Persia, and like Joseph in Egypt, God has given America a godless leader who hates the alternative, the New World Order. During his tenure will you use this one last era of fresh air in America to preach Jesus Christ, to live the life at work, school, and in the market place? If not, shut your blasted mouth and stop whining. YOU will be the reason America is handed to the Antichrist by the NWO mob and the Pope. YOU are the Laodicean Church..... wretched, poor, and blind, and naked. (Revelation 3:14-22)


I strongly encourage you to print this, or forward the URL, to all your friends who think Trump will save America. Send it to your pastor, and if he says I am a heretic, change churches at once.

1 Corinthians 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. That "quit" is a military term meaning to quit the place where you are, and get into the battle. Or, in the vernacular, "get off of your butt."