Wednesday, June 28, 2017


CNN is now admitting openly that they chased the Trump / Russia story for a year with zero evidence. The whole thing was cooked up by Hillary Clinton operatives.


This is all fine. The writhing and self-mutilation of CNN is in order. But, this will never have closure. The reason is that CNN, and the Clinton murder machine, will never step up to the White House and apologize to Donald Trump. The media and Progressive Neo-Marxist Liberals do not confess sin. Hate is their only emotion.

The truth is, if they publically and personally did a real mia culpa to Donald Trump, the Democrats might improve their image with Americans enough to win Congressional seats in the coming bi election. But, the hate must rage on and on, and the street riots must prevail. The dividing of America will never worry the Democrats until South Carolina or California secede, and then it will be too late to clean up the mess they made.

Frankly, I hope the Democrats keep right on hating us Conservatives and calling Texans jack asses and worse. We need our Texas Liberals to decide they are happy to be the Liberal entity in a nation called Texas. At that point, we are out of here, folks.

If an NSA sleuth reads this, would you please forward it to a rational Democrat, that is, if you know of one. Patrick Moinnahan has passed on, so there may not be a decent caring Democrat available.