Wednesday, June 14, 2017


President Trump lit the fire that is soon likely to turn into a conflagration of religious rage and economic terror. Then Trump got on Twitter and threw gasoline on the flames.

This looks like Trump doing what Henry Kissinger would do, and probably what Kissinger told Trump to do in their little chat recently. The whole idea is to tie the Arab nations' tails together and throw them over the clothes line. The chaos which results will again create a vacuum of order and centralized power, and the USA can step in and decide where the next war will be.

It is very clear that Saudi Arabia is being ridiculously hypocritical in their pious complaint that Qatar is financing terror. The Saudis have been the single largest contributor to terror from day one in the whole Middle East.

If you want to understand what a deadly move Trump made by sending the Saudi pit bull after Qatar, you will need to do your own thinking. I believe that Trump is showing us that he is a total klutz in foreign policy. The man can cut deals, but when it comes to diplomacy and international intrigue, he is a total failure.

Thus, watch, and start doing your own thinking:

The lady nailed this discussion with the most rational observations.

Key word: "Consequences"

The end of this could see the US evicted from Qatar and Russia and Turkey controlling Qatar and the biggest petro-gas supplier in the world. Russia would then have a strangle hold on Europe's gas.

Russia could end up owning the US Air Base in Qatar, and Russia would then straddle the Gulf with one foot in Iran and one in Qatar. The US and Saudis could find themselves with egg on their faces for meddling. Qatar has out-foxed the Saudis before, and they may do it again. A report yesterday said that Qatar is vigorously seeking fresh arrangements with Russia and Turkey.

Russian response- Be the peace maker

Furthermore, Trump has inserted himself foolishly into a religious war between two factions of Sunni Muslims, Saudi Wahabists and Qatari modernist Sunnis. This is going to get a lot more nasty before it goes away because the Saudis have based their attack on Qatar on religious zeal. THAT is guaranteed, in Muslim history, to cause an explosion.

Also, consider this. All Muslims make the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca at least once in their life. By cutting off the air routes from Qatar to Mecca, the Saudis are attacking Islam itself. And, they will reduce the flow of Muslims to Mecca with their pockets full of money to spend on accommodations. Qatar offers ten flights a week to Mecca from various points in the world, and Qatar Airlines is known for the cheapest prices. Saudi timing is classically stupid. The Hajj begins in August. The Saudis will soon be feasting on crow, with double portions for The Donald.

The bottom line for us Americans is this. Our President has inserted himself into the middle of an old war of wills between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is clearly because he is illiterate in Middle Eastern history, and he does not give a flip how much trouble he causes there. Nor does he care if he loses our second biggest air base overseas. This insanity will only result in one thing..... more refugees fleeing the Middle East to Europe and America.

When the world finally realizes that the President of the USA is all thumbs, Trump will become a total loss in international affairs. He loves the shock value of Twitter more than he loves information. I conclude that Trump does not take advice, and he does not read or learn new things. Many of his actions on US issues have been a real blessing in the USA, but in the rest of the world, Trump is a bull in a China shop. 

And, pity the Chinaman. 

Jered Kuschner, could you please arrange night classes in world history with Henry Kissinger for your father-in-law?

By the way, Sir Donald, your FBI is insane to be blaming the Qatar confusion on Russian hackers. When will you stop blaming Putin for all your stupid blunders?