Monday, June 19, 2017


Shooting down the Syrian plane because Syria bombed terrorists who are attacking Syria was a clear signal to Syria and Russia that the US is ready to start World War III. And, this is all about the US allying with terrorists against Assad.

So, it is a sick joke for the US, especially the White House, to whine about Arab states who support terrorists. TERRORISTS ARE ALLIES OF THE USA. The US Government is seriously trying to destroy national governments. This is a very good way to get yourself into a rip snorting war.

Nor is this cute when viewed from Moscow. Putin has every right to be enraged that his ally was targeted and a plane shot down and a pilot killed. And, remember, Putin had a plane shot down by Turkey in the recent past. This is embarrassment number two. Someone in our Government does not understand Vladimir Putin. When this man has been pushed too far, all Hell breaks loose.

Do you want to go into a World War for these childish displays of ego from Washington?

And, make no mistake, Hillary would have done the exact same thing. Only Sanders might have declined to cross the line and shoot down planes. So, you Liberals would be in the same exact spot now as Conservatives if your thugette were President.

Trump is a man who loves to fire people and destroy their lives. He makes the deals alright, but like John D. Rockefeller, Trump gets extreme satisfaction in doing harm to people in the process. So, Trump is on his way to slap Russia one too many times. And, Trump is the blow hard who told us he wanted to get along with Russia. Did you believe that?

Russian nukes are a lot fresher than our 5000 nukes. In total war, the Russians have fresh ammo, and we have a pile of duds. I know this because a friend of mine was in on testing nukes that were supposed to still be within their shelf life. All ten failed to explode somewhere in the Pacific.

Again, I remind you that Russia has EMP nukes, and so does the USA. Trump may have the nerve to blow off an EMP over Russia and put them back to living in the 1930s, but Trump is a raging narcissist. He craves approval, and when he does not get it, he tweets gross and vicious words online.

So, you can count on it....... Trump will not push the button on an EMP because he is terrified of being seen as the bad guy. He would be remembered as the one who totally destroyed Russia and caused millions of people to starve to death.

So, would Putin shoot off an EMP over the USA? Absolutely, YES. Putin took power, in his first term, and found that Ronald Reagan, and all Presidents since him, have been Hell bent to destroy the Russian commercial and industrial base. Putin salvaged it just before Russia went into its national death throws. The USA has already tried to destroy all life in Russia once. 

So, if Putin knocked out all life in the USA with an EMP over Omaha, he would simply be evening the score. There is much logic in that plan, especially for an old KGB work horse who snuffed plenty of people back along the road of his success.

One Syrian fighter. 

Do not forget this moment in history. That fighter plane could be the trigger event that brings the whole USA down and sends us back to out houses and foraging in the woods for our dinner.


If the US shoots down another fighter plane of Syria, or even of the Russians, we are toast.

Also, consider please, some rogue state now has a great opportunity to start World War III. If Iran or North Korea could fake an attack by the USA against a Russian or Syrian target, there is no way to step on the brakes. The red phone line has been disconnected by Russia. They would think our people did it, and they would declare war against the USA. No amount of whining would stop the results. 

Even a rogue military officer in Russia could hack a missile system of the US in Syria and do the same thing. Putin has adversaries right in Russia who would love to put him on the spot. I also am convinced that Hillary would grab some cash from George Soros and pay some hacker in the USA to trigger missiles at Russia. Anything is possible, and Putin is ready to react.

We need to pray that God will remove the advisers, both in the White House, or in the Pentagon, who are pushing for World War. You are a total jack ass if you think that we need to trust Military men, or Trump's advisers, who want war. John McCain is one of them, as is the New World Order. The world elite want the USA and Russia to destroy one another so that the European thugs can inherit the kingdom. Several Islamic states would also love to see a World War for the same reason.

One more thing. No one alive in America remembers when war came to America. Pearl Harbor was close, but it may have also been a false flag event. The point is, Americans do not know how it feels to stand in a city and watch that city explode and turn to rubble. Americans do not know what it feels like to watch their babies starve because the infrastructure has been destroyed.

So, when you cheer for Trump to go kill Syrians, the allies of Russia, you may get to pay the ultimate price and watch your family's faces melt off in a nuclear attack.

Psalms 120:7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

My comments area has malfunctioned, but this is one time I am glad. I do not want to hear from Bible believers about how noble it is to start war and butcher millions of people because some jerk in the White House, or the Kremlin, got his feelings hurt.

Or worse, Henry Kissinger wants the world population to be reduced, "By any means possible." Take your tender mercies for war mongers and stuff them in your ear please.

Would you poke this man in the eye just to satisfy your need to feel like the world's biggest bully?

Knowing the temperament of a sleeping Pit Bull, what do you think of a man who kicks it?