Sunday, June 11, 2017


Queen Elizabeth has slapped down London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan's response to the citizens of London to the London Bridge massacre was, "Get used to it. This is what we Muslims do."  

In the spirit of Queen Victoria, when one of her chukly wallahs in Pakistan got out of line, SLAP. Khan is feeling the sting of the golden rod as Queen Elizabeth reaffirms President's open invitation to visit the UK, and of course, that includes Buckingham Palace in the heart of Londonistan.

It is refreshing to see the royal family slapping down the sissy pissy Muslim nabobs who believe they now own England. We in America need to follow the example of the Queen and slap Islam down viciously at every opportunity.

Sadiq Khan is a shiver looking for a spine to run up.

We here at Balaam's Ass Speaks wish to give the Dead Skunk Award for June to Sadiq Khan for telling England that they need to get used to watching their babies get blown up by Muslims.