Wednesday, June 28, 2017


My correspondent with IDF experience in Israel checks in:
Remember how I used to root toot toot about Erdogan waiting until the Arab countries defeated IS, and then Turkey would defeat the Arab countries or at least push them around to the point where he could restore the old Ottoman Empire?  Well now I believe Erdogan has to be livid that Saudi Arabia is snubbing him (the last paragraph sums up this article), and he sees that his shooting star needs to be teaming up with Russia to invade Israel.


If you want to understand what is really happening in the Middle East, watch Erdogan, Netanyahu, and Saudi Arabia. Whoever of the three prevails will lead the rest. The Saudis now have a back door deal with Israel in which Israel is permitted to overfly Saudi Arabia to bomb Iran. Saudi Arabia has also ordered all its friends to stop attacking Israel in the media and instead attack Iran. This nice guy routine toward Israel is very unlike the Arabs. But, it does hark back to the days before Islam when the Ishmaelites lived in relative peace with the Jews.

So, to an American Christian, this is a pivotal point in Bible prophecy. Israel and the Arabs are seeing the Aryan Race Turks as a common enemy, and the adage applies: "I and my cousins and brothers against the stranger (Turkey)" 

In prophetic perspective, the next move is up to Putin. When will he gather Turkey, Iran, and the others in Ezekiel 38 into a military league to attack Israel? And, what will prevent Saudi Arabia and Egypt from joining the attack by Putin (Gog and Magog)? It seems that we are watching a strangely powerful allying of Israel to Saudi Arabia and Egypt which will discourage them from helping Gog. 

President Trump is clueless. His knowledge of Bible prophecy as about as deep as my knowledge of knitting. You don't want to buy a doily made by me, and you don't want a Middle Eastern policy made by Trump. He has recently shown that he is too mentally dim to prevent the Turks from taking power in the Gulf. Turkish troops are now in Qatar to protect them. 

This is what the old cannon crews of the Civil War era meant by, "He shot his wad." Trump fired the cannon of foreign policy without the cannon ball in place.