Monday, June 26, 2017


Long ago, I told you that Ronald Reagan, after destroying the USSR, set to work to destroy Russian commercial and industrial targets. And, he nearly succeeded. Putin, after he first became President, caught the plot as Presidents after Reagan continued to destroy Russia. Putin stopped the process dead, and he set about to rebuild the nation.

What followed were attempts to assassinate Putin and create political turmoil in Russia, courtesy of US Ambassadors to Russia. Putin stopped that also.

We now have the US and Europe trying to shut down Russia via sanctions, and Putin has dodged the bullet again. Russia is thriving, and oil production is about to double.

Now, it turns out that NATO was also trying to blow Russia into several smaller nations. The Russians have acquired the evidence, and NATO has egg on their face big time.


The man principally responsible for the NATO trick was Zbigniew Brzezinski who hates Russia with white hot passion. I am sure Henry Kissinger was in on this also. And, I would be very surprised if President Trump is not continuing the attack on Russia. He may well have been threatened with death if he makes peace with Russia. I see he is not trying very hard to befriend Russia as he suggested during his campaign.

There are two reasons our Presidents, leaders, and the leaders of Europe are giant jack asses on this one:

1. The Bible makes it very clear that God has plans for Russia in the End Times in Ezekiel 38. No one but God will destroy Russia. This again shows how Ronald Reagan, and all our Presidents since him, are total ignoramuses as to the Bible. They could easily learn the plans of God in the Bible and avoid making fools of themselves. But, I am delighted to see them doing their stupid works. People in America need to see what idiots and Christ haters we have in leadership.

2. No one in history has ever conquered Russia. Napoleon and Hitler tried, and they were slaughtered. Twenty seven million Russians died defending Russia against Hitler. There is something about the zeal to survive in Russians that should make any dim bulb planning war with Russia to stop and consider.

If there ever is a World War with Russia in the future, Russia will win. God will make sure Russia wins and the USA is destroyed. That is not unpatriotic my friend, I am simply agreeing with the Word of God. It is about time Americans stop trying to trash God's plans for Russia, the Middle East, and the Kings of the East. It cannot be done unless the US Military finds a way to blast God out of existence and blow up his Heaven.

OTTO VON BISMARCK UNDERSTOOD RUSSIA The present ruler of Germany, Angela Merkel, needs to do some reading in the strategies of the Bismarck.

It is time for another Dead Skunk Award. This month, Balaam's Ass Speaks wishes to give the Dead Skunk Award collectively to NATO and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They are worthy.