Sunday, June 18, 2017


This is a story that is serious and could define the future of the USA.

Michio Kaku and his friends claims the Yellowstone caldera erupted 600,000 years ago. We Bible believers know that the earth is 6000 years old. So, the odds of an eruption in Yellowstone, possibly accompanied by the New Madrid fault breaking loose with a 9 point quake, is very high. NASA is doing observations over Yellowstone, and they don't fly around with their high tech toys to kill time.

Yellowstone venting has increased  SEE A VIDEO OF THIS HERE

The allegation on this video is that the USA has an agreement with four nations to relocate 200 million Americans to other nations. THIS SOURCE is cited in this video.


The link is to a site telling what gases escape from magma under the ground, even if there is no eruption. The grass in the Yellowstone area is turning brown in some areas, and gas is thought to be the cause. This gas would be an issue far downwind if there ever were a total eruption, and the halogen acids involved are what would kill crops, animals, and possibly people. The halogen family of elements are extremely active and usually deadly when they are heated or something causes them to ignite. 

What does this mean to Bible believers who read this blog?

Answer: God has many ways to destroy the USA so that our arrogant bully nation backs out of the world we torment, but especially so that we vacate the Middle East where God plans to end the drama of the End Times soon. God does not need Donald Trump to help him in the closing acts of the Age of Grace. If the last prophecies were to take place with the USA still prospering, the US Government would do everything possible to stop God from doing his will.

If you live in the zones depicted in the videos, you will be in extreme difficulty at once if Yellowstone blows. The cloud will probably float from the northwest down the usual weather wind path into middle America, and crops will all be covered in killer ash. 

So, if you hear that Yellowstone blew, at once get to the store and buy food grown in middle America which you will need to survive. I expect you to be smart enough to figure out what to buy. Since the power grid could be affected if power plants are affected, you need to have alternatives to get to water and food. Flushing toilets will be an issue. Plan on all grocery stores to be gutted in hours. New inventories will not appear for a long time as roads are being cleared, and the airlines will not fly.

Your car needs to be filled with fuel. Natural water sources will be polluted by deadly ash. You need a way to defend yourself and family because city dwellers will go marauding into the countryside for food. Ordinarily law abiding people will become desperate looters, and you will have to kill people who threaten your safety and preparations.

If you have medical issues needing regular procedures, you will either need to make preparations to do them yourself, or prepare to die. 

America has never had an emergency like this possible event. You must think thoughts you have never thought before, and you must plan to take actions which are extreme and unpleasant. 

One option is to move to either the very coastal edge of southern California, or the eastern part of the USA. Tennessee and Georgia come to mind. The Gulf coast is a good option also. We are in Texas just south of the forecast ash area, so we are staying put.

If the government officials ask you to move to a collection area, they will be planning to move you, against your will, to other parts, possibly even to other nations. Think long and hard about obeying these orders.

Warnings like this are insane and pure legend...............
..............until they happen. 

Then, it is too late to go back and get ready. I can assure you of one very reliable fact. The ground is rising in Yellowstone, and that alone should be cause to take action. Also, the magma reservoir below the surface is now very close to the surface and has been rising in recent years.