Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The USA, during my lifetime, has conducted non-stop 24/7 spying and hacking on Russia, and before that the USSR. The CIA has murdered many national leaders around the world, and other agencies have blackmailed thousands.

So, Russia hacks our elections. It is the height of insanity to get our feelings hurt when Putin finds a way to meddle in our affairs. When he came into office during his first term, Putin learned that Ronald Reagan, after taking down the USSR, put in place a program to totally destroy all Russian industry and commerce. And, the Presidents who followed Reagan nearly finished the job. Our people even destroyed a flax weaving factory. How small and sleazy can America get?

Putin also found that the US had arranged for Russia to sign over virtually 100% of its oil resources to American companies. Russia got nothing from their oil fields.

Putin cancelled the oil contracts, and he found the business men hiding around the world from Russia who had cooperated with the US in the destruction process. He forced those men to help restore the industrial complex of Russia. The US had also nearly wiped out the military industry of Russia.

So, Putin has plenty of reason to want revenge. I have no problem with his hacking the US elections. Our nation needs to pay for their sins. Justice is something we conservatives cheer for, but when Putin gets in a few licks to offset the wickedness we did to his country, how dare we get our feelings hurt?


What is really ridiculous is the way the media is trying to blame Trump for not solving this problem instantly. Russia will keep right on hacking Trump, and the CIA will keep right on trying to assassinate Putin. Trump has very little control in this mess. Indeed, if Trump reigns in the CIA, they will kill him at once. Rumors tell us they are trying to kill him right now.