Thursday, September 14, 2017


Ambassador Ronald Sanders, who has served as Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the U.S. since 2015, says Barbuda is totally destroyed, and all inhabitants have been evacuated to Antigua. He then described the devastation as so complete that there is no hope of rebuilding the island community without help from the nations of the world.

We certainly are moved by such a horror story. And, we cannot blame him for coming to us with his hat in his hand. But, Sanders ends his presentation by slapping the rich nations of the world, saying they caused Climate Change, and Barbuda is being punished for the sins of the rich nations. Read "rich" as the USA.


This wretched attack on the USA and Europe is classic mindless slop hog manners of Third World leaders. They believe the way forward in hard times is to slap the White race nations into guilt, and the cash will flow in. For me, I do not believe this island should be restored. Their ambassador is an ungrateful wretch, and it is time to shuck off some of these pests.

Imagine another scenario. You lose everything in your life, so you hit the street homeless, and you pan handle for cash to be able to eat. Would you cuss out all the people passing by you for being rich and making your life miserable?

The whole world has become immune to courtesy and decency. Leaders of poorer nations believe they deserve to be paid to be poor. And, when the USA and other hand them some help, the beggars pocket the cash in their high government leaders. I know this from friends who worked in these nations and from my experiences in Africa.

So, Ambassador Sanders is very likely opening a bank account in the Vatican Bank, and as we send them financial help, Sanders will get rich, and Barbuda will stay a disaster zone.