Friday, September 15, 2017


The Daily Mail online article covering the bucket bombing in London follows a pattern as old as America. Watch the difference between President Trump and Prime Minister May. Trump talks tough and tells the world that Scotland Yard was watching the bomber and did not stop him.

May chatters on and on in proper verbosity, and she manages to fault those who hate terror and terrorists. In other words, YOU are the enemy. This is typical of the extreme cultural difference between the USA and the UK. The leaders of the UK do a great deal of talking, but they need a load of testosterone.


Joe Jones has a word for Theresa May

PM Theresa May told the people of the UK to "be vigilant." Bah. What use is vigilance if the people cannot arm themselves and they have to kiss the posterior of every Muslim creep who comes down the way. Come to Texas..... we will show you how vigilance works with a Colt 45.

And, Balaam's Ass Speaks is pleased to award the Dead Skunk Award, this month, to Scotland Yard of the UK. They had the enemy identified, and they very graciously let him go ahead and blow up the train. "We must be fair minded, you know."

Never before in the history of Great (????) Britain have criminals and terrorists had more fun at the courtesy of the wimpy law enforcement in the UK. Perhaps the London Metropolitan Police learned this policy when they looked the other way while PM Ted Heath was chopping up little boys and throwing them to the sharks in the English Channel.