Saturday, September 30, 2017


Before Katrina hit, President George Bush offered the lady governor of Louisianan to have National Guard in place in New Orleans before the hurricane hit in order to get a head start on helping people. The Democrat Governor hated Bush, so she turned down his offer.

The mayor of New Orleans, a loser with performance problems, mocked at Bush and said he did not need his help. You all know what happened later. It was chaos, and many people suffered.

This is the exact same picture now playing out in Puerto Rico. The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, was at first talking nice about President Trump, and then she did a 180 degree and started blasting him. She clearly was coached to attack Trump by Democrats who want to make political book off of all the suffering in that island. We have to wonder of Hillary or Obama have a little private business going in Puerto Rico in pharmaceuticals.

This also explains why Puerto Rico is crashing economically, and why it is the murder capital of America. Corruption is rampant, and it appears that the lady mayor is part of that problem also. She is behaving like a Third World leader, and that means she will take personal possession of the aid sent and sell it to the starving citizens later.


When things like this happen, it is always good policy to not believe what you hear on the news. It is also good policy to take a very cynical view of anything that happens offshore from the USA. These possessions of the US are a lot of rabble, and they take their cue from the Third World nations around them.