Saturday, September 2, 2017


Growing up in Africa, and later working there as a missionary, I saw plenty of silly superstitious fear in the African people in Ethiopia and Tanzania. They set off to walk to the market, and a little bird flies into their path. They stop in reverence or terror, and wait to see what the bird will do next. Depending on which direction the bird flies away, they may go on, or they may turn around and flee for home.

So, at a camping event for University of Mississippi students, some Black students see a banana peel in a tree. They at once stop and revert three hundred years to treat the banana peel like the little bird in Ethiopia. They stare and wonder what the banana peel means. They discuss it for a long time, and in good Black racist form they decide it is a White racist insult, or maybe a voodoo curse.

Eventually, the Black and White students are all riled up with emotions and assumptions, and the Blacks finally decide they have been racially insulted and want to go home early.

The whole event was then cancelled to "let everyone have some space." Space for what, looking for apple cores?


I know, my friend, there is no way to understand this. The only conclusion is that Black Americans are working themselves into a frenzy in which they see racism in every detail of life. They are reverting to become pagans in the Congo jungle.

The kid who threw the banana peel into the tree had to make a formal apology, probably under threat of being expelled from the university. This is where all American universities are headed. Blacks look diligently for anything unusual on campus, and they then turn it into a racist attack by Whites.

I will tell you where this is headed. The day will come, indeed is here, when Whites will totally avoid Blacks in deep terror of the wrath of Black fools. When this comes to full maturity, race hate will be back and flourish in America. We will have apartheid worse than long ago in South Africa. Whites will hate all Blacks, and Whites will start finding ways to punish Blacks for making life so threatening.

And, for you who have studied history, you must have learned that when Whites become cruel, they win in the end. This is not a noble trait, but it is true. So, if Black Americans really want to live a good life free of hate and rage, they will have to kill the monster of their hate for Whites.

If you are Black, and if this whole thing looks foolish and evil to you, what are YOU doing about it. If rational Blacks do not step up and slap down these Black racist fools, our nation will end up in a race war, and it will be your fault. It is too late for Whites to stop it because if we try, we are accused of being racist. YOU Blacks are the only ones who can stop this. Are you man enough to do it? Or, are you too lazy to take responsibility for your people?

If you will not take a stand against Black racism, it is back to Africa and following the little bird.

The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.
-Martin Luther King Jr.