Sunday, August 28, 2016

A HILLARY PRESIDENCY: By my friend, The History Teacher

I asked my friend who has been a US History teacher what he thinks a Hillary Presidency will be like. These are his thoughts, and I believe he is as close to on target as any of the talking heads:

The Clinton years, if Hillary wins, will be very unsettling. I anticipate a more deeply divided country, if that is possible.

Our nation is divided between people living in the cities who suck up taxes and spend them as entitlements AND the rest of the nation that grows our food, builds our cars, runs our electric grid, and live a reasonable moral life. The Church is stronger here, while the cities are a mission field.

I'm not sure that Hillary is a hard lefty. I read her as focused on amassing personal wealth for her and her key supporters. This will include Wall Street.

On the political front, the nation will face a major crisis in healthcare. Obama has delayed, by executive order, the draconian taxes on "Cadillac Plans." Obamacare is simply a bad law and adding significant costs will bring it to a crisis. She wants a single-payer health plan and she may push that through as the solution to the failed Obamacare. This crisis will wake up enough of America to stack the House and Senate with Republicans in 2018, much like Obama experience.

She is hawkish on foreign policy and will face a frustrated military that detests her. That will be interesting.

I really believe both Bill and Hillary have significant health issues. Bill's health will continue to go down hill. I don't see Hillary as more than a one term president. I don't see Tim Kaine as strong as Joe Biden, giving Chuck Schumer more political power. I wouldn't be surprised to find out Hillary owes Schumer favors and she doesn't have the stamina for any prolonged fight.

Living in the White House, Hillary's private life will become public and that won't help her.

Bill has an apartment at his library in Little Rock.

A spiritual revival in the Church will harvest souls for our LORD.



The Democratic Party leaders are in total denial as to Hillary's limitations physically. She is resting most of the time and doing few rallies and no press conferences. Once she is in the Oval Office she will not be able to hide from the world and nurse her physical limitations any longer.

Thus, she will have to appoint people around her who are both slaves of her policies but are able to operate alone while she becomes recluse. Such people are exceedingly rare. As Mac implied above, Chuck Schumer may become her knight in shining armor to drive legislation for her.

This will degenerate to what we see in past history when kings became limited physically. It will be a pathetic drama of the mainline media trying to cover for Hillary while Fox News tries to expose the thing.

Then again, Tim Kaine may find himself trying to do very fast catch up if Hillary simply collapses and dies.

We are in for some ugly days ahead.

I had a thought today that is probably insane and impossible. This is about the Second Amendment. Do you suppose Hillary will cave in completely on guns if the NRA pays Bill Clinton $100 million to burp into a microphone?