Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Pax Americana is fading rapidly. Turkey is toast, and Pakistan is rushing into the arms of Russia.

Barak Obama has been the most disastrous President in my lifetime as to diplomacy. The most deadly aspect of this process has been the tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She is known around the world as a nag and a trouble maker. I have reports of my own on this.

Democrats are rather famous as failures in international diplomacy. This is well known to any student of US History, that is, if they tell the truth. But, the damage done by Barak Obama and his arrogant bullying of the world will never be repaired. The world is walking away from us.

Can Donald Trump reverse this? Yes, to some degree, but he will never get it all back. The world has liberated itself mentally from the US hegemon, and they feel free and will not settle for the bully tactics of the past again.


The US State Department, beginning with Henry Kissinger, has viewed most other national leaders and Military officials as stupid Wogs and peasants. We are now paying the price for this arrogant wretched attitude.